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Need To Get Back On The Band Wagon

Not that I totally fell off I just get a week before my period and then I start and I am always up 5lbs but I do eat crappy off and on a week before my cycle I dont want to ruin everything that I work hard for the rest of the month. So needless to say TOM came yesterday I was down to 134.9¬† and I am 139.2 Sigh Can one gain that much with starting there cycle?? I tend¬† to stay away from the scale usually but I thought I would be daring today just dont want to have a crappy day because of it.. Out to run again tonight again can you say weight paranoid….

I havent done points or anything I have just been trying to eat heathier and exercise but my mind says what could I really accomplish if I plunged this thing whole heartly and no cheating…

Last year I went from 08 I went from 167 lbs down to 153 lbs so that was 14lbs in a year

09 Jan 1st I was 153.9 lbs and last weigh in I was down to 135.9 so that is 18ld this year

I would love to loose more my goal was 120lbs but I think I am going to make it 125 lbs

I am 5 2 1/2 so I dont know if that is good or not I tell you with being almost 37 years old I sure find it harder to loose weight but … No Buts i just find itharder

DD is home today under the weather and mom isnt working so I am going to work on my to do list..

Well I must get my days started gals Have a great one

And where are all the fellow chicks hiding???? Come out Come out