5 weeks of MIA and need to get back in the swing…

Ok its time to stop feeling the way I am feeling i am almost 37 years old I dont know if I feel sorry for myself or what this move has been a killer for me….. sigh trying to up and run my business again has been hard when you already have a clientelle but I need to stop whining and start living or the years will pass and I will have regrets… In 5 weeks I am down to 137 lbs I am not sure why but in one year I am down 31lbs and it hasnt been from eating carrots sticks and running marathons because I havent done any running since i broke my tailbone back in march.. I think i just need some easterners to move here I am tired of hearing the term redneck from nova scotia errrrr People are so materialistic here the more you have the better of a person you are hmm I just treat all equal but they dont here I have accomplished 13 months whooooo. My oldest has gotten her first job she is almost 18 and she is working at subway only about 14 hours a week but it is something trying to get in the mode of getting stuff ready for them for back to school all gets so expensive… The business front is up and down you can make 50 .00 one week and 350 the next I guess thats a joy of having a homebased business and I have only bee open for 5 months so it will take awhile to be steady everyday just like home wahhhh home… I can do this its suppertime here thinking about being ambitious and taking the kids to the mall to lookk too look hmmmm they are only 10 and 17 looking not… Have a great weekned chickies I am going to try and read blogs over the weekend and get caught up I didnt want to have 5 weeks of me venting on ya 🙂

love ya all


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  1. majestichollyhock on August 11th, 2009

    Glad to see you posting. Lots of HUGS!!

  2. mccupcake on August 11th, 2009

    Ohh 🙁 I hear you. In Calgary I find people VERY materialistic and it’s also full of “young money”. It’s so frustrating. I feel like I haven’t acomplished anything in my life (which I KNOW isn’t true).
    Ahh well. Anytime you want to vent – feel free to do so to me. I feel your pain. It’s definitely not the East Coast anymore. :S

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