Almost Done Another Week

Weight in this am was 143 uggh actually 143.8 but i did make cupcakes yesterday and ate one when I let all the dogs out to pee through the night.. arrrrr

Oldest dd was in a bike accident on monday she is ok though thank god she had her hoody hanging over her back it got caught in her wheel and over the handle bars she went and on her face. She has barely no skin on her face and she is bruised up pretty bad but those things will heal it just looked sooo much worse at the time…

She writes her math exam today she gets so stressed out she is determined to keep her 90-s average but I tell her not to make herself sick about it….

Hailee my youngest only has 6 days of school left and Jess only has 4 they are pretty excited. It will be nice to just go to work and not worry about having to organzie a school day… wait then I need to hear I am board or there is no one to play

I couldnt beleive how much it costs to landscape stuff I had bought some rocks to go around the front tree so I got 4 bags of rocks and some landscaping fabric and that was 45.00 holy poop……

I am gonna try to go and get some bills done and paid and get a little bit of my housework done but will be back to check up on you gals

have a great day

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  1. moonfairy on June 19th, 2009

    kids are always bored. even with the internet and all the extra gadgets they have that we didn’t have. you want bored? try doing what we did…play monopoly or cards all day. 🙂

  2. laura705 on June 19th, 2009

    Glad dd is okay after her bike accident. I remember that my mother always wanted me to weed the garden during my summer vacations. Bah!

    Yeh, landscaping is expensive. We replaced some mulch this year in front – 20 bags, about $75. I hate paying that kind of money for something that needs replacing every other year! We need to buy in bulk next time so we can get a better price.

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