Tuesday June 09

What an original title…lol Ok weigh in this am was 141.9 so I have lost about 12lbs this year and I hope to never find them again…. I am going to go through my jeans this week and get rid off all the pairs that dont fit .. I was waiting till I had lost all my weigh but I would rather one or two pairs that fit nicely instead of ones that just bag off me. Right now my weightloss goal is 130 by sept 1st so that is about one lbs a week i think.. I just need to be able to get into more exercise.

Today my youngest has her kidney specialist appointment she has been on meds contantly as she has been getting UTI’s monthly for the year before so it will be good to see what the doctor has planned..

Last night I ended up working in the salon from 5:45pm-9:30 and I brought in about 120.00 so it was well worth it putting in the extra hours… Today I dont have anyone booked in I am going to go to walmart this am and i found a quilt store that has quilts for 29.99 so I am going to buy one for my oldest and then I am picking my youngest up at school at 12 and we are going for a lunch date and then off to the doctors.. I am gonna start getting serious again about journalling my food as i dont think I am overeating at all but sometimes i know it isnt all good food.. just want to be accountable.

Well its almost 7 am off to start my day make a few comments on some blogging and will come back later and coment some more

have a great day

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  1. moonfairy on June 9th, 2009

    good luck for DD at the doc’s today.

  2. majestichollyhock on June 15th, 2009

    Hey, how did the doc go?????
    How has your week been?
    Time for another post, Missy.
    How are you??

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