I cant believe it is June and the weather is still crappy…

hey there chickies

weigh in this am was 142.9 I will take it . I am a little worried thought cause my b-day was  on theweekend and i had cake and hotdogs and choc covered almonds and even though the scale is down today Linda T has always told me that it will catch up with you and it does…….. I was sorta in a crappy mood this weekend turning 36 really bothered me I have so much I want to do travel and get bills paid off and be successful (fine time of thinking of being successful when I am almost 40) I just find everything cost so much money but they i am also scared if i wait to do everything i may not have use of my legs or something silly like that my mom died when she was 38 of a brain anurysm so that really weighs on my mind. I cant wait till my back starts to heal either exercise has been nil…….

Ok over the weekend hmmm I bought new curtain and some paint and a pantry and a new outfit for myself now just to get it paid off the line of credit . Last year when I left nova scotia i was a size 12 and i was able to buy a size 8 capri pant from marks work warehouse and i could have prolly did a size 6 as they did have stretch in the but my belly still has a bit of a pillsberry dough girl…lol

My goal is 125 but yet that seems sooo far away…. 17lbs which will probably be really hard to get off.. once i can move though i think some hard work and alot of exercise i will be able to do it. I just need to learn it is ok to push myself above my limits and have more confidence in myself..

I have a specialists appointment today to get another biopsy done for this whole cervical cancer thing and my youngest has a soccer game tonight

This weekend I also sorted through one of my storage rooms and got rid of 4 garbage bags there still isnt alot of room in the storage room i just find it hard to part with things like the kids toys i have memory foam pillows i havent used so i got rid of those which made me feel sick cause they were 60 bucks each and i got rid of 3 fish aquariums because i have 3 dogs and a cat i really dont need fish it was just really hard to get rid of the stuff….

Well thats about all for today off to fill my glass with some diet coke and read your guys journals and start my day

have a great one

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  1. moonfairy on June 2nd, 2009

    17 lbs. that’s definitely doable. you should be able to hit that rather smoothly once you’re able to exercise again.

  2. Laura on June 2nd, 2009

    Time goes by so fast, so you can’t let everything wait until “the right time”. I lost my brother a month ago at age 53. I’m sure he and his wife thought they’d do a lot of nice things when they retired, and my SIL told me and my bf to do those things NOW, don’t wait.

    Hard to get rid of stuff, but if it was a purchase that didn’t work out, it’s probably better to get rid of it than to have to stare it in the face. Hopefully someone else can use that stuff you got rid of.

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