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Missing In Action for Almost a Month .. OH NOT GOOD!!!!

I need to get back into blogging I just sort of find it lonely compared to journalling if that makes any sense it took me about 15 min of my day to journal or maybe 20 including commenting but I am not whining I am able to keep in contact with all of my favorite gals so that is all that matters

What has happened the last month still finding this place hard but I have learned that i am going to be here for a bit. i did have a heart to heart with Kim D a couple weeks ago and she helped me make it through some of my problems my dilema was my dad had passed away 3 years ago as all of you know and his house ( my home that I grew up in was left in his estate and his girlfriend was allowed to stay there until she died . Well about 3 weeks ago she abanded my dads house took everything and we have no idea where she went. Some people have said she went up north and some people have said she has moved about an hour from my home. we still cant find her . We need to find her as she owes us ALOT of money the day she put my dad on life support she maxed out his line of credit and emptied his back account also the house in in my dads estate we need her signature to switch it to mine and my sisters name…. The next dilmema was my sister said that I could live in the house if i wanted to i would have to pay the normal house hold bills and the taxes and insurance. I was ready to pack my bags and move back home but what sort of a person would I be…. sigh

Then a week later I was upstairs going to the bathroom in between clients.. and I thought I heard the dogs bark I ran downstairs up and over the baby gate I went and broke my tailbone. So its been just over 2 weeks of breaking my tailbone i have still been taking cleints and not turning anyone away just a little

so then today I bend down to plug in the vaccuum and this shoot of pain goes down my leg up my back and it feels like a pinched nerve. I am going back to the drs tommorrow the walk in clinic thinks it may be a pinched pysatic nerve or a hernated disc in my back so needless to say my running has went down the tubes for almost 3 weeks….. and probably for a little while longer which so sucks I was doing so well…

I havent hoped on the scale I am scared to……..

I have been reading and commenting when I can I need to get back in the swing of this blogging oh yes and spring still hasnt came to winnipeg

it was -7 on the weekend today was 10 but it was raining and cold and yucky

well off to read your journals

have a great day I thought you guys derserved an explanation of where i have been 🙂