How Come Stepping On The Scale Reflects What Sort Of Day I Have!!

I have always been like that and it is depressing and needs to stop or maybe I need to turf the scale.. I was so prasing myself 10 days ago I was fown to 146.9. This am I was 150.7 Thats over 3 friggin lbs. It isnt close to the TOM The only thing I can think of is I had 4 chicken wings last night at dinner and the sauce was made with soy sauce even though it is low sodium. Also The last week dd has had a few b-day gatherings and I have had 3 small pieces of cake other than that I have had nothing oh wait 2 small glasses of real pepsi in the last 2 weeks maybe I call it real pepsi cause i drink diet..I know 3 lbs shouldnt be a hige deal but man it sure does mess with the darn brain. Its hard to beleive that I was anerexic 20 years ago and here I am at 150 errrrrrr

Ok Enough whining/venting all I can do is keep recording my food drinking water and working out I am so working towards a nice bathing suit for the summer and I would love not to have muffin tops and all kinds of baby flab belling I look like a pillsberry dough girl…..

Today i am going to make some muffins choc chip with my youngest for her cooking badge for girl guides I have appointments this am but nothing this afternoon. Watched Game plan with the girls last night till about 11pm trying to make their march break fun .. Also I might go and get some eggs and do some easter decorating in the next few days cause when they are back to school its always rushed

Well off to shower and look beautiful first customer is in an hour will be back to comment

Is there anyway on here that i can see when one of the 3fc has posted instead of going through everyone everyday I am computer illterate so I figured there may be an easier way.

And any ideas to help me work with that nasty scale would be awesome I know it will go up and down but I didnt think by eating a little extra would cause 3lbs worth holy poop….



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  1. lindat on March 30th, 2009

    The extras and bites DO add up so tha’s what it is.. They may not show all at once, but I think they wait until they can make a NICE BIG impact on the scale and them WHAMMO!! Cake and wings and pepsi and did you get sweaty exercise? It all matters!

  2. laura705 on March 30th, 2009

    Sorry, no serious suggestions about that nasty scale except to avoid it and go by how your clothes fit.

  3. chubs35 on March 31st, 2009

    They are supposedly working on that feature of being able to see who recently posted.
    I’ve learned to avoid the scale after salty meals It just messes with your psyche if you let it.

  4. lindat on March 31st, 2009

    Saw your quest about exercise.. We each need to learn out limits, so there is no hard fast advice. Just understand that when you start most any exercise program, you are going to have soreness. Soreness and pain are two different things are you have to decide what you are feeling. First thing to check, are you using the proper form when doing the exercise. Improper form can strain joints and cause injuries, which is NOT a good thing . If you cannot do a certain movement with good form, adjust until you get strong enough to do it in proper form. .. lower the weight, keep your leg lower, arms lower .. whatever it is you need to modify, modify. Are you wearing good shoes and the appropriate exercise clothes? One mistake a lot of people make, me too is to not exercise when you are sore. Sore, not in pain. The best thing to alleviate soreness is movement. It gets the blood moving and helps promte healing.

    if you have any preexisting conditions, like back or hip or any muscle issues, you should check with your doc because if you do an exercise video can exacerbate any problems. You might also try other videos if only one causes you problems. Could be that one is not a good fit for you. Go to and you can see previews of lots of videos as well as see custoemr reviews. I love that place

  5. loosingme on March 31st, 2009

    If you look on the home blogroll each day ( there is a link on my blogroll, I think its called updated posts or something like that) you will see a list of ALL bloggers, and sometimes you can see who posted, but I have missed ppl, even using this method.

    I got eggs bought already…to boil and color next week. Fresh eggs, once boiled can be a bear to peel!

    Yes, I guess we need to prioritize exercise, but when your household chores involve ppl other than just yourself, sometimes it just isn’t such an easy option.
    I think if I lived alone and only answered to myself, I might not be in the pickle I am in today!! LOL

  6. tkt117 on March 31st, 2009

    I have not figured out who has posted either… I just browse through when I have time. But most of the time, a baby starts crying or a boy starts whining. No good suggestions about the scale. It is my nemisis too! I can gain 5lbs in a day, even if I fasted the day before. Makes me think the common wisdom that 3,500 cals burned or consumed = a pound is bogus! But you can’t argue with science! I weigh every few days and take an average. I know I should only get on once a week, but i can’t help myself. 😉

    OH… and I am getting sleep. It just comes in 2-3 hour waves interupted by a puking baby most of the time. 😛

    Have a great day!

  7. Kelly on April 1st, 2009

    I am the SAME way about my scale. My pants could be TIGHT but if the scale says I am down, I feel great! My pants could be swimming on me but if the scale says otherwise, I feel like crap all day … and then eat to comfort myself. It is a vicious cycle!

    Hope you had a better day yesterday!

  8. majestichollyhock on April 1st, 2009

    My DD made Spaghetti and salad for her cooking badge on Sunday.
    I wigh once a week. I struggle with the little nibbles that add up too.

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