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Today Is Friday But I work tommorrow so it doesnt feel like Friday!!!!LOL

Good Morning chicks

Been mia for a couple days had my dd #2 B-day and then the water in the basement and the last two days the children havent had school because we got 20 cm of snow and ice on top of that. All I can say is i am sure worried about all of this melting.. It is just damp in the basement now I have my electric fireplace hooked up and a 1500 square foot space heater trying to help things out… I think it smells a little damp down here and my children dont smell it maybe I am getting over parinoid .. I need to borrow a steam cleaner or buy another on I had a beand new one but I donated it because I wasnt using it but I think it would help with the dampness if there is any.. Just waiting on some news about the Red River here in Manitoba. It is up another 4 feet i guess they had a flood of the century here back in 97 and I am hoping it doesnt take place again..

I weighed in yesterday and I was up from 147 -149 i almost wanted to vomit it made me so upset but I made the choices I have had 2 peices of cake and some chips since my dd b-day party which was march 24 so maybe it will go away I havent weighed myself yet this am but i will get around to it gradually sometimes I find when I weigh myself that determines how my day goes if that makes sense…

Today is the kids last day of school before their march break … then they go back on the 6th and then off the 10th for good friday but they have school easter monday here and then off on the 20th of april…

I usually always do special stuff with the over march break even when I had my business back home… but I am not sure if financially I am going to be able to pull it. Dd 2 just got 50.00 from her dad for her b-day and would like me to get some taylor swift tickets for july 11 but she is very upset that they only have crappy seats left.. they did go onsale about 3 months ago so that is why¬† now the jonas brothers are coming here as well and they would like to go but the tickets go on sale tommorrow am and they will sell out quick it would cost about 330 -375.00 for the three of us to go I know it is something for them to remember but I am torn on what to do……

Thats about all to report for today off to weigh myself straighten my hair and get my day started….

Is there any way I can see when you guys have updated your blogs?? i just find it is taking me forever to go through each one so if i have left anyone out I am sorry .. I go through them in between customers and try to comment then i loose track of where i was

have a good chickies will let you know the damage of the scale today