Archive for March 23rd, 2009


ok so its 5 am I have had no sleep and I have 7 customers today and a flooding basement so unprofessional and I am so embarressed but dont want to cancel clients cause I need the money. I have put a call into the new home warrenty and waiting for them to call me back my house is 2 years old and it floods WTH???

There is no way that I can put a house up for sale and get what i paid 232,000 with a basement that leaks I wouldnt want someone elses problem

to top it off TOM started throughout the night…… and I am an emotional wreck

My goal is to go and shower sleep in between customers steam clean 1/2 hour before they arrive try to remain calm and ask them to leave there shoes on…

what more can I do I really feel like a failure but you cant tell me the people that lived in this house before had no water………