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WOW Busy next few days then back to work on Monday !!

Morning Ladies.

Weigh in this am was 147.2 I took two days off of working out as i couldnt even move my legs or tighten my poor but I had to sleep on the coach because I couldnt walk up the stairs because of aching muscles.. Can you say wimp…. Things are still sore this am but 100 percent better if that makes any

DD#1maybe¬† just came downstairs and told me she needs to stay home from school as she is hacking up phlem.. I Had let her sleep in two mornings this week cause she has been so sick and then just drove her when she had her tests but maybe some rest will help her . and if she doesnt rest she will be using her time constrructively because she has her second part od her written drivers test on monday and accounting test and a math test then a history test friday. I guess the teachers are trying to fit it all in before march break. I am so used to march break being this week but in this province they have spring break not march break sorta weird…lol

Last week the van got new shocks or struts now the engine light went on yesterday and it is making a weird noise when i accelerate.. I just hope it last me a few more years… uggh its a 97 plymouth voyager and I am beggining to think maybe the engine is starting to go it almost has 300,000 kms on it.. So I am going to go and top up the fluids as soon as it gets a little lighter outside then go down to the little garage they have here in our town….

I need to make a homade pizza today and I have a few haircuts I need to help my daughter decorate her cupcakes in jars for her b-day party tommorrow and then I had bought tickets a few weeks back from a church in the city as they were having a presentation of alice in wonderland and that is tonight at 7pm

Tommorrow my daughters b-day party is at build a bear from 1-4 and then sunday is probably going to be well I\d like to say a day of rest but it will probably be a day of getting up early catching up on stuff and then maybe an afternoon nap if I am lucky….

Man I dont know what I would do if I didnt have a credit card. I really need to get my debt load down but it is hard when my budget is 2400.00 a month more than what I am making just to live out west here…errrrrr

All I can do is work at it i| guess I have spent many nights not sleeping due to the debt load cause it causes major anxiety.. just seems in life you get 2 steps forward and 10 steps backwards…

Have a great day ladies

if you have any extra energy send it my way…lol