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-23 With the Windchill today I think I can wear shorts!!!!!

I dont think during my time here I will ever get used to these cold temperatures…..

And to top it off when I was watching the news we are right in the middle of the floodzone so I had to look it up the red river flood. The red river is about 5 min away from where I live and in 1997 they were under 40 feet of water… ugghhh….

Well yesterday even though I am walking like a little old lady from all the pain I am in from working out I just opped a couple of advil and I did an easier workout I only did the 1 mile of walking off the lbs which was 20 min. i dont know whether I should take a couple days off to let my muscles heal or not I am scared I wont go back into it but I am sore.. What do you gals do when this happens ? I know when I did the biggest loser dvd I have never worked my thighs or my butt calves etc to that extent especially with weights and lunges so I did expect a bit of tearing….

Weigh in this am was 147 so I am down 1.9lbs. and I thought that I would gaincause i have had two pieces of carrot cake. but I was still within my points so I am assuming that it is the exercising that is helping

Was bringing out my log of how much weight I have lost as of Jan 01/09 I weighed in at 153.9

and as of today March 18/09 I am 147 so that is only 6.9lbs in 10 weeks which really doesnt seem great…

But I am going to take it cause it is a loss and not a gain.

Today dd#1 woke up with a sore throat a cold and her ears paining it is that time of year againĀ  gave her some dayquil and we will wait the 7 days and see what happens last night I had given her nyquil and she has said mom it made me feel drunk although she has never drank… It does have quite a high alcohol content..

Tongiht it is helping my oldest to study for her history test and my youngest has girl guides and also soccer registration. So that will put me up to tuesday and thursday soccer and then wed girl guides and she would like to do swimming.. uggh girl guides is over in may or june and soccer is may and june as well. i just dont want to say no to any physical activity my youngest is almost 10 and she is 103lbs she doesnt look huge but she is stalky i will have to try and post a pic on here of her but for those of you that have facebook you have prolly seen her on facebook .

I feel if she is ambitious to be active I am going to let her be active so many times she just wants to play barbies or watch tv and I remember when I was al ittle girl and it was nice out I dont think I was ever allowed in side maybe for a drink of water or meals but I was always shooed out to go and play and we made out own entertainment hanging off of trees um jumping through tires

Well chickies I think that is about all the excitment I have for you today.. thanks for listening all of you are such a big part of my life. I wish I had enough money to take us all on a vacation to just take a week and enjoy all of our company but I dont but I can still dream. All of you are such a support / friend/ listener it is just amazing that we have such a close group here.

well off to switch the laundry and back to comment cause tommorrow morning I have customers..