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Sore Tuesday…

Ok so I need to realize I cant push my body too hard just starting out.. I dont know how they do it on the biggest loser man oh man and wake up so they can still walk??

I did the cario blast from the biggest loser and the first one without the warm up or cool down was 20 min and I used 5lbs weights then I could only do 17 min of it and now I can barely walk I have never done lunges skipping rope and jumping jacks with weights.. so I think today I will just do a walk away the lbs dvd until my body doesnt ache so bad.. I figure if I take all my negative energy that I feel just from life or from moving to a different place and put it into working out and eating right I am going to have better results in life then just whining all the time about it. I cant move back to nova scotia right now so as holly would say suck it up All I can do is take one day at a time and work towards goals in life.

tookdd #1 out driving for an 1 1/2 yesterday here for their learners liscence they have to drive 24 hours with parents. dd#2 went to play at a friends house yesterday then her and I made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting i had a littlepiece yesterday and may have a little piece tonight. My downfalls in the food department I would have to say is cheesecake and plain chips.. and sometimes choc chip cookies.. but we only buy 2 bags of chips a month so that isnt bad .I want to have a lifestyle change that I can change forever if I am an emotional eater or like snacking once in awhile then that is something I need to budget into my lifestyle cause this is long term…

weigh in this am was 148.2 do I am down 2 lbs I’ll take it….

my Next goal will be 140 I would like to be about 125 but I need to realize that I will be 36 years old in may I am 5.2 or 5.3 and I am not a kids anymore..

I am about a size 10/12 and i want to be that size 3/5 but I dont know if that is a realistic goal.

dd#1 stayed home from school this am she is so stuffed up I just got her off to school as she had a study prep class and wanted to be there and has drivers ed tongiht. DD#2 is exciting about planning her b-day party this weekend we are having it at build a bear.. well chickies must go see who has journaled or blogged today so I can say hello then off to accomplish the rest of my day..