Archive for March 12th, 2009

Should I do groceries or not..ughhh

Man I sound like a it is just -43 with the windchill and groceries are about 35 min away but it is always easier to get it done withought kids…lol

weigh in the am was 149.2 I didnt do any exercise yesterday just did a little housework and had some sitz baths and got my rugrat ready for girl guides. and I did scrapbook her grade 4 pic.

Not too much planned for today just going to maybe do groceries as old mother hubbards cupboard is getting bare . Have any of you chicks ever dabbled in digital scrapbooking> I have been doing some reading about it and i was wondering if there was any good programs out there..

Oh yes Tammy your baby is one handsome little guy. wish I was closer so I could borrow him…lol

Well off to start my day if I have any news breaking news here in Winnipeg I will let you know..

Hugs gals