Happy Hump Day… and it is still cold!!!!

Hey there chickies… Yesterday hmm what happened.. I tried to get ahold of my gyn yesterday as I have new lumps down below( I know too much info) but I am hoping only you 3 fat chicks can see my life story..lol

I had came to Winnipeg as you all know last summer and they had a walk in pap test clinic here in october so I thought that I would go and get it done as I hadnt had a pap test in 10 years since my youngest daughter.. Then They send me to a gyn cause things didnt look right… So the gyn tells me that within the last 10 years-15 years I have been in contact with someone who had hep V and it went untreated because I didnt have my pap test I said thats funny I have been with my ex husband and 2 others in 15 years.. So he took a biopsy and it came back that i had 72 percent cancer cells so he scrapped the cervix and then retested and it was down to 49 percent.. I am suppose to follow up in 6 months and that would be june but you will have to excuse me I think it scared the hell out of me so now that I am seeing 2 little lumps I am scared crapless i called my sister last night she isĀ  a nurse and she said it could just be boils to put hot compresses on it. So I have been but I tell you they are sore…

I did walking off the pounds one mile yesterday it was 18 min and i was able to fit it in 3 times yesterday .. I should be doing something more but I figured if I could do 18 min am afternoon and pm then it was better than nothing at all…

Today my youngest has girl guides my oldest has a field trip to the city for a carear choice day she would like to be a chartered accountant or a school teacher..

Thank you so much for the input about my business … I just found in nova scotia i had hours but it still seemed as if I worked 24/7 cause I never stuck to my business hours I just wanted to make all my clients happy.. It took me aboutĀ  6 months to accumulate a full clientele there maybe 8 months but within the first year. here I had a good first week second week was a little slower third week I did 300 and now I am on my fourth week and I am being back to having a slow week I guess that is one thing that you cant rely on in any business is what is coming through the door. i called yesterday about getting a second line but it was going to cost me another 50.00 so I decided to wait until I am fully established.. At home we had this thing you culd get another number put on your phone and it would ring differently they have that in Winnipeg but since we are out in the country we are unable to get call forwarded the extra ring call waiting all that stuff.. Man how I miss it..

Well thats about it for today i will check back in in a bit to comment and also to let you know if there is anything else exciting happening in the life of canadagirl…lol

have a great one


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  1. loosingme on March 11th, 2009

    ya those glands can get all plugged up. My hairdresser (which is kind of funny, cuz you are a hairdresser) had those glands swollen like that, and had to go have them excised. She felt alot better after it was done, but could hardly walk from the pain beforehand. Def. go in a see someone of the hot compresses don’t work.

  2. lizhealthymom on March 11th, 2009

    yikes, I would be freaked out too! Hope you get some relief soon!

  3. fatgirlagain on March 11th, 2009

    Ok I had this happen I had this huge bump and it kept growing , eventually I cut it and ewwwww K Ill stop talking now cause I am grossing myself out now! LOL Keep going to the clinic tho k !

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