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Monday ugggh…

First of call congrats to Tammy and Family on their new little bundle of joy…. sooo exciting 🙂

Havent weighed in this am have a couple more min of being able to lay in bed I have only slept about 1 hour total I have had three occurances of totally painful heartburn this weekend and first I tried pepto bismol then I tried antacids and then the last three night i have been drinking baking soda and water it has seemed to help but i am sure my weight will be up a bit sodium… I am not sure what is causing it so bad.. I have had heartburn before but not to a point where I feel like I have having a heartattack and in tears.. I dont know if it comes with age or if it is something I am doing wrong but it seems everything now adays is setting it off.. coffee, anything tomato certain veggies..

This weekend hmmm

Friday I had rented beverly hills chiuwawa (spelling?) and gotten the kids some chips. I didnt even have any well cause i had heart burn or I am sure I would have weighed out a serving.. Saturday I worked and I tried to lay down for an hour but it didnt work body wouldnt rest it was in overload. then I watched a movie with my oldest and it was scary so my youngest went to play barbies in her bedroom… Then sat night was up most of the night with heart burn woke up with an upset belly so just sort of laid low key doing stuff around the house had the youngest go through all her totes of toys barbies polly pockets littlest pet shop etc to see if she could donate anything but she did part with her dr well i guess when she is ready to part she will…lol

Well it is almost 7 am must get up showered and start my day… I guess if I wasnt up due to heart burn last night my sleeping pattern prolly would have been messed up with the time change

have a great day gals