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How Come Stepping On The Scale Reflects What Sort Of Day I Have!!

I have always been like that and it is depressing and needs to stop or maybe I need to turf the scale.. I was so prasing myself 10 days ago I was fown to 146.9. This am I was 150.7 Thats over 3 friggin lbs. It isnt close to the TOM The only thing I can think of is I had 4 chicken wings last night at dinner and the sauce was made with soy sauce even though it is low sodium. Also The last week dd has had a few b-day gatherings and I have had 3 small pieces of cake other than that I have had nothing oh wait 2 small glasses of real pepsi in the last 2 weeks maybe I call it real pepsi cause i drink diet..I know 3 lbs shouldnt be a hige deal but man it sure does mess with the darn brain. Its hard to beleive that I was anerexic 20 years ago and here I am at 150 errrrrrr

Ok Enough whining/venting all I can do is keep recording my food drinking water and working out I am so working towards a nice bathing suit for the summer and I would love not to have muffin tops and all kinds of baby flab belling I look like a pillsberry dough girl…..

Today i am going to make some muffins choc chip with my youngest for her cooking badge for girl guides I have appointments this am but nothing this afternoon. Watched Game plan with the girls last night till about 11pm trying to make their march break fun .. Also I might go and get some eggs and do some easter decorating in the next few days cause when they are back to school its always rushed

Well off to shower and look beautiful first customer is in an hour will be back to comment

Is there anyway on here that i can see when one of the 3fc has posted instead of going through everyone everyday I am computer illterate so I figured there may be an easier way.

And any ideas to help me work with that nasty scale would be awesome I know it will go up and down but I didnt think by eating a little extra would cause 3lbs worth holy poop….



Today Is Friday But I work tommorrow so it doesnt feel like Friday!!!!LOL

Good Morning chicks

Been mia for a couple days had my dd #2 B-day and then the water in the basement and the last two days the children havent had school because we got 20 cm of snow and ice on top of that. All I can say is i am sure worried about all of this melting.. It is just damp in the basement now I have my electric fireplace hooked up and a 1500 square foot space heater trying to help things out… I think it smells a little damp down here and my children dont smell it maybe I am getting over parinoid .. I need to borrow a steam cleaner or buy another on I had a beand new one but I donated it because I wasnt using it but I think it would help with the dampness if there is any.. Just waiting on some news about the Red River here in Manitoba. It is up another 4 feet i guess they had a flood of the century here back in 97 and I am hoping it doesnt take place again..

I weighed in yesterday and I was up from 147 -149 i almost wanted to vomit it made me so upset but I made the choices I have had 2 peices of cake and some chips since my dd b-day party which was march 24 so maybe it will go away I havent weighed myself yet this am but i will get around to it gradually sometimes I find when I weigh myself that determines how my day goes if that makes sense…

Today is the kids last day of school before their march break … then they go back on the 6th and then off the 10th for good friday but they have school easter monday here and then off on the 20th of april…

I usually always do special stuff with the over march break even when I had my business back home… but I am not sure if financially I am going to be able to pull it. Dd 2 just got 50.00 from her dad for her b-day and would like me to get some taylor swift tickets for july 11 but she is very upset that they only have crappy seats left.. they did go onsale about 3 months ago so that is why  now the jonas brothers are coming here as well and they would like to go but the tickets go on sale tommorrow am and they will sell out quick it would cost about 330 -375.00 for the three of us to go I know it is something for them to remember but I am torn on what to do……

Thats about all to report for today off to weigh myself straighten my hair and get my day started….

Is there any way I can see when you guys have updated your blogs?? i just find it is taking me forever to go through each one so if i have left anyone out I am sorry .. I go through them in between customers and try to comment then i loose track of where i was

have a good chickies will let you know the damage of the scale today


ok so its 5 am I have had no sleep and I have 7 customers today and a flooding basement so unprofessional and I am so embarressed but dont want to cancel clients cause I need the money. I have put a call into the new home warrenty and waiting for them to call me back my house is 2 years old and it floods WTH???

There is no way that I can put a house up for sale and get what i paid 232,000 with a basement that leaks I wouldnt want someone elses problem

to top it off TOM started throughout the night…… and I am an emotional wreck

My goal is to go and shower sleep in between customers steam clean 1/2 hour before they arrive try to remain calm and ask them to leave there shoes on…

what more can I do I really feel like a failure but you cant tell me the people that lived in this house before had no water………

WOW Busy next few days then back to work on Monday !!

Morning Ladies.

Weigh in this am was 147.2 I took two days off of working out as i couldnt even move my legs or tighten my poor but I had to sleep on the coach because I couldnt walk up the stairs because of aching muscles.. Can you say wimp…. Things are still sore this am but 100 percent better if that makes any

DD#1maybe  just came downstairs and told me she needs to stay home from school as she is hacking up phlem.. I Had let her sleep in two mornings this week cause she has been so sick and then just drove her when she had her tests but maybe some rest will help her . and if she doesnt rest she will be using her time constrructively because she has her second part od her written drivers test on monday and accounting test and a math test then a history test friday. I guess the teachers are trying to fit it all in before march break. I am so used to march break being this week but in this province they have spring break not march break sorta weird…lol

Last week the van got new shocks or struts now the engine light went on yesterday and it is making a weird noise when i accelerate.. I just hope it last me a few more years… uggh its a 97 plymouth voyager and I am beggining to think maybe the engine is starting to go it almost has 300,000 kms on it.. So I am going to go and top up the fluids as soon as it gets a little lighter outside then go down to the little garage they have here in our town….

I need to make a homade pizza today and I have a few haircuts I need to help my daughter decorate her cupcakes in jars for her b-day party tommorrow and then I had bought tickets a few weeks back from a church in the city as they were having a presentation of alice in wonderland and that is tonight at 7pm

Tommorrow my daughters b-day party is at build a bear from 1-4 and then sunday is probably going to be well I\d like to say a day of rest but it will probably be a day of getting up early catching up on stuff and then maybe an afternoon nap if I am lucky….

Man I dont know what I would do if I didnt have a credit card. I really need to get my debt load down but it is hard when my budget is 2400.00 a month more than what I am making just to live out west here…errrrrr

All I can do is work at it i| guess I have spent many nights not sleeping due to the debt load cause it causes major anxiety.. just seems in life you get 2 steps forward and 10 steps backwards…

Have a great day ladies

if you have any extra energy send it my way…lol

-23 With the Windchill today I think I can wear shorts!!!!!

I dont think during my time here I will ever get used to these cold temperatures…..

And to top it off when I was watching the news we are right in the middle of the floodzone so I had to look it up the red river flood. The red river is about 5 min away from where I live and in 1997 they were under 40 feet of water… ugghhh….

Well yesterday even though I am walking like a little old lady from all the pain I am in from working out I just opped a couple of advil and I did an easier workout I only did the 1 mile of walking off the lbs which was 20 min. i dont know whether I should take a couple days off to let my muscles heal or not I am scared I wont go back into it but I am sore.. What do you gals do when this happens ? I know when I did the biggest loser dvd I have never worked my thighs or my butt calves etc to that extent especially with weights and lunges so I did expect a bit of tearing….

Weigh in this am was 147 so I am down 1.9lbs. and I thought that I would gaincause i have had two pieces of carrot cake. but I was still within my points so I am assuming that it is the exercising that is helping

Was bringing out my log of how much weight I have lost as of Jan 01/09 I weighed in at 153.9

and as of today March 18/09 I am 147 so that is only 6.9lbs in 10 weeks which really doesnt seem great…

But I am going to take it cause it is a loss and not a gain.

Today dd#1 woke up with a sore throat a cold and her ears paining it is that time of year again  gave her some dayquil and we will wait the 7 days and see what happens last night I had given her nyquil and she has said mom it made me feel drunk although she has never drank… It does have quite a high alcohol content..

Tongiht it is helping my oldest to study for her history test and my youngest has girl guides and also soccer registration. So that will put me up to tuesday and thursday soccer and then wed girl guides and she would like to do swimming.. uggh girl guides is over in may or june and soccer is may and june as well. i just dont want to say no to any physical activity my youngest is almost 10 and she is 103lbs she doesnt look huge but she is stalky i will have to try and post a pic on here of her but for those of you that have facebook you have prolly seen her on facebook .

I feel if she is ambitious to be active I am going to let her be active so many times she just wants to play barbies or watch tv and I remember when I was al ittle girl and it was nice out I dont think I was ever allowed in side maybe for a drink of water or meals but I was always shooed out to go and play and we made out own entertainment hanging off of trees um jumping through tires

Well chickies I think that is about all the excitment I have for you today.. thanks for listening all of you are such a big part of my life. I wish I had enough money to take us all on a vacation to just take a week and enjoy all of our company but I dont but I can still dream. All of you are such a support / friend/ listener it is just amazing that we have such a close group here.

well off to switch the laundry and back to comment cause tommorrow morning I have customers..

Sore Tuesday…

Ok so I need to realize I cant push my body too hard just starting out.. I dont know how they do it on the biggest loser man oh man and wake up so they can still walk??

I did the cario blast from the biggest loser and the first one without the warm up or cool down was 20 min and I used 5lbs weights then I could only do 17 min of it and now I can barely walk I have never done lunges skipping rope and jumping jacks with weights.. so I think today I will just do a walk away the lbs dvd until my body doesnt ache so bad.. I figure if I take all my negative energy that I feel just from life or from moving to a different place and put it into working out and eating right I am going to have better results in life then just whining all the time about it. I cant move back to nova scotia right now so as holly would say suck it up All I can do is take one day at a time and work towards goals in life.

tookdd #1 out driving for an 1 1/2 yesterday here for their learners liscence they have to drive 24 hours with parents. dd#2 went to play at a friends house yesterday then her and I made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting i had a littlepiece yesterday and may have a little piece tonight. My downfalls in the food department I would have to say is cheesecake and plain chips.. and sometimes choc chip cookies.. but we only buy 2 bags of chips a month so that isnt bad .I want to have a lifestyle change that I can change forever if I am an emotional eater or like snacking once in awhile then that is something I need to budget into my lifestyle cause this is long term…

weigh in this am was 148.2 do I am down 2 lbs I’ll take it….

my Next goal will be 140 I would like to be about 125 but I need to realize that I will be 36 years old in may I am 5.2 or 5.3 and I am not a kids anymore..

I am about a size 10/12 and i want to be that size 3/5 but I dont know if that is a realistic goal.

dd#1 stayed home from school this am she is so stuffed up I just got her off to school as she had a study prep class and wanted to be there and has drivers ed tongiht. DD#2 is exciting about planning her b-day party this weekend we are having it at build a bear.. well chickies must go see who has journaled or blogged today so I can say hello then off to accomplish the rest of my day..

Should I do groceries or not..ughhh

Man I sound like a it is just -43 with the windchill and groceries are about 35 min away but it is always easier to get it done withought kids…lol

weigh in the am was 149.2 I didnt do any exercise yesterday just did a little housework and had some sitz baths and got my rugrat ready for girl guides. and I did scrapbook her grade 4 pic.

Not too much planned for today just going to maybe do groceries as old mother hubbards cupboard is getting bare . Have any of you chicks ever dabbled in digital scrapbooking> I have been doing some reading about it and i was wondering if there was any good programs out there..

Oh yes Tammy your baby is one handsome little guy. wish I was closer so I could borrow him…lol

Well off to start my day if I have any news breaking news here in Winnipeg I will let you know..

Hugs gals

Happy Hump Day… and it is still cold!!!!

Hey there chickies… Yesterday hmm what happened.. I tried to get ahold of my gyn yesterday as I have new lumps down below( I know too much info) but I am hoping only you 3 fat chicks can see my life

I had came to Winnipeg as you all know last summer and they had a walk in pap test clinic here in october so I thought that I would go and get it done as I hadnt had a pap test in 10 years since my youngest daughter.. Then They send me to a gyn cause things didnt look right… So the gyn tells me that within the last 10 years-15 years I have been in contact with someone who had hep V and it went untreated because I didnt have my pap test I said thats funny I have been with my ex husband and 2 others in 15 years.. So he took a biopsy and it came back that i had 72 percent cancer cells so he scrapped the cervix and then retested and it was down to 49 percent.. I am suppose to follow up in 6 months and that would be june but you will have to excuse me I think it scared the hell out of me so now that I am seeing 2 little lumps I am scared crapless i called my sister last night she is  a nurse and she said it could just be boils to put hot compresses on it. So I have been but I tell you they are sore…

I did walking off the pounds one mile yesterday it was 18 min and i was able to fit it in 3 times yesterday .. I should be doing something more but I figured if I could do 18 min am afternoon and pm then it was better than nothing at all…

Today my youngest has girl guides my oldest has a field trip to the city for a carear choice day she would like to be a chartered accountant or a school teacher..

Thank you so much for the input about my business … I just found in nova scotia i had hours but it still seemed as if I worked 24/7 cause I never stuck to my business hours I just wanted to make all my clients happy.. It took me about  6 months to accumulate a full clientele there maybe 8 months but within the first year. here I had a good first week second week was a little slower third week I did 300 and now I am on my fourth week and I am being back to having a slow week I guess that is one thing that you cant rely on in any business is what is coming through the door. i called yesterday about getting a second line but it was going to cost me another 50.00 so I decided to wait until I am fully established.. At home we had this thing you culd get another number put on your phone and it would ring differently they have that in Winnipeg but since we are out in the country we are unable to get call forwarded the extra ring call waiting all that stuff.. Man how I miss it..

Well thats about it for today i will check back in in a bit to comment and also to let you know if there is anything else exciting happening in the life of canadagirl…lol

have a great one


-40 Tuesday Brrrr……

Good Morning

Weigh in this am was 149.9 no loss but no gain but I was worried about a gain for all the baking soda and water I have been drinking for the heartburn…lol

I dont want to be back in the 150.s but I am so close that I will probably hover for a bit. Yesterday i did one page of scrapbooking Alot of stuff to yank out for one page I just havent been able to get back in the swing of doing it I havent scrapbooked in almost a year…I did a page of my daughters school pic this year Grade 11 WOW

Then My van had a vechile appointment and the shocks were shot so yes more money but cdn tire had a special this week 25 percent off shocks and 25 percent off the labout until wednesday so I did charge it and get it done. Here in town it would have cost me 300.00 and I took it into the city and with taxes and everything it cost me 153.00 It is hard to know who to go to and who not to as in Nova Scotia i had a mechanic I trusted and when you go to a new place you never know who will scam ya..

Took My dd #2 to the appointment I should have done groceries and everything all at once but by the time I got out of the appointment it was 7:10pm and it was a school night and a 45 min drive home so I will have to waster more gas

Today I dont have any appointments booked as of yet but that could change by the time I finish journalling thats one things about having your own hairdresssing business you never know what to budget for you never know if your going to have a good week or a bad week you cant really guantee what sort of income is coming in if that makes sense.. Also I need to make some business hours for here in my old shop I worked Monday -friday 9-5 an then evening and weekends whenever anyone wanted that time slot. Does anyone have any good suggestions for business hours? I just find that it doesnt matter what you say your business hours are when you have a shop out of your home some people feel just because it is out of your home they can just drop by and you will fit them in or you work everynight until midnight or they can call you at 11pm to book that hair appointment . I nver turn anyone away if I have to work until 10pm i do. I find it hard because at home I had a separate business number here I have it the same as the residential number so i cant just let it go to the answering machine.

Well chickies off to clean the kitchen do laundry and figure out what I will make for supper tonight

Have a great day

Monday ugggh…

First of call congrats to Tammy and Family on their new little bundle of joy…. sooo exciting 🙂

Havent weighed in this am have a couple more min of being able to lay in bed I have only slept about 1 hour total I have had three occurances of totally painful heartburn this weekend and first I tried pepto bismol then I tried antacids and then the last three night i have been drinking baking soda and water it has seemed to help but i am sure my weight will be up a bit sodium… I am not sure what is causing it so bad.. I have had heartburn before but not to a point where I feel like I have having a heartattack and in tears.. I dont know if it comes with age or if it is something I am doing wrong but it seems everything now adays is setting it off.. coffee, anything tomato certain veggies..

This weekend hmmm

Friday I had rented beverly hills chiuwawa (spelling?) and gotten the kids some chips. I didnt even have any well cause i had heart burn or I am sure I would have weighed out a serving.. Saturday I worked and I tried to lay down for an hour but it didnt work body wouldnt rest it was in overload. then I watched a movie with my oldest and it was scary so my youngest went to play barbies in her bedroom… Then sat night was up most of the night with heart burn woke up with an upset belly so just sort of laid low key doing stuff around the house had the youngest go through all her totes of toys barbies polly pockets littlest pet shop etc to see if she could donate anything but she did part with her dr well i guess when she is ready to part she will…lol

Well it is almost 7 am must get up showered and start my day… I guess if I wasnt up due to heart burn last night my sleeping pattern prolly would have been messed up with the time change

have a great day gals

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