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elsewhere. Go figure, I created this and then went and wrote somewhere else. I decided to cruise through recent writings to see if there was anything good. Here is a snippet that is perhaps blog-worthy:

One of the things to look at is why you gain weight and what makes it hard for you to lose it. What, one must ask, are your challenges?


1. I get derailed by events. Whenever there is a major change of some kind, I set the plans aside for the needs of the moment, and then not go back. This happened with my dissertation and with the workshop and move last June.

a. Solutions: plan better for events.

b. Stay more conscious of dietary needs during events

c. If I make a break, make a decision to do it and a followup return

2. I am a sugar/carb junkie. I love sweets. I love chips. I love fried potatoes. And bread. And toffee peanuts. I love it all. Sweets just make my blood chemistry into pure poison, and I turn into one big craving seeking perpetual satisfaction.

a. This is a real problem. Solutions: cut out sweets, period

b. Allow natural sugars in my diet (e.g. fruit)

c. Don’t bring junk food into the house

d. Learn to say no to people

e. Make a plan for sweets-intensive holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and to a lesser extent Christmas.


1. Once I get started, my cravings are nil. I eat well, don’t feel hungry, and it just kills the carb cravings. That tells me that it is chemical and not character flaws causing the problem, and helps me to approach it in a logical way.

2. I can and do develop good habits quickly. Eating, shopping, exercising – I can do all those things well.

3. I keep pretty close tabs on things. Eventually I will not have to obsess quite as much to see it done, but the initial obsession helps form the habits and keep them on track. I will always keep data/stats.

4. I haven’t given up, and don’t usually count myself among those who are faint of heart.

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Still trying to figure out whether I am willing to blog about something personal and painful; airing dirty laundry is a little different when it’s as large as mine is!

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Welcome to your new diet blog! This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! You may also wish to go to the site admin area and create categories and choose a design theme to get started.

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