WEIGHT~ 213    = boooooooooo me!  This will change!!!!

Today was just a beautiful day.

 We homeschool Tuesday through Saturday in the school year and Tuesday through Friday in summer. We have this schedule because hubby works Tuesday through Saturday. Since today was a off day for us we decided to spend it out of doors. It was 70, sunny, blue skies, and a slight breeze. So we went to the metro parks and took a hike. I huffed and puffed a little. I am so out of shape. However it felt so good when we were done. It was a lot of fun!

Breakfast: 3 egg whites & 1 whole egg (hardboiled) / light english muffin/ lt. cream cheese/tea

Lunch: light whole wheat bread x2/ turkey slices x2/whole grain mustard/ fat free pringles x2serv.

Dinner: massive salad with 1 tb, lt, ranch/2 plain baked potatos/2 Tb. hot salsa/fat free pringles x1 serv.

My treat tonight a nice loooooong bath and then hubby is giving me a massage as a reward! Yes please!  🙂



The fires of hell-o

It has been a very interesting few days. I am now 46 years old. I think that I may be starting to go through peri-menopause.

Yesterday in the late afternoon I got sooooooooo sore in every part of my body. The kind of you worked out sore. however all I did was walk for about 2 hours total at stores.

Then I got hot! I mean hotter than hell-o hot! I thought  “Oh no” maybe i am coming down with something. But other than some slight bloating in my tummy area (cycle coming in 1 week so this is normal) that was it. No sore throat, no headache, no fever, no other ditsurbing symptoms to speak of.

BUT man alive was I ever HOT! I threw the covers off, turned on the ceiling fan, got a floor fan out and turned it on. Finally after tossing and turning for hours I cooled off a bit.  Had some toast this morning and took a probiotic as well as a dose of Tylenol. Back pain is nearly gone.   Has anyone else gone through this???? Is this normal??? I mean they called it night sweats but I did not sweat I just felt so freaking HOT!!!!!!  So today it is lots of water, iced tea , and diet ginger ale. Probiotics with every meal, and Tylenol as needed. I sooooooooo hope that this does not happen again tonight. I hated it with every fiber of my being! 


Weight :same

Hello world!

Well this is a little surreal.

I was on here a few years ago. Lost most of the weight only to re-gain it. I felt the need to come back here as I never did better as when I would blog, post what I ate, my weight, my workouts etc……. I missed coming here. I am curious to see who is still here and who has gone away. I will start posting again. I am looking forward to my rambling here once again. Like coming home. I hope and pray to lose weight, re-gain my health, and find me at the end.


weight: 210

sigh    🙁