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I have been online doing quite a bit of research on “Carb Cycling” . I got most of my information from The Dr. Oz show and Chris Powell. This seems like a lifelong lifestyle change that I can make.  You alternate  2 extreme low carb ~ 3 low carb~ and 2  high carb days. It is not freedom to eat crap though. the carbs need to be healthy, full of fiber, and nutrient dense.  The studies also show that it can have a huge impact on insulin numbers and lowering them along with the weight.  Here are some menu examples:

almost no carb day

Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg & two whites / 1/2 snack pack raw almonds / coffee, tea, water

Lunch: tuna 1 large can or two small (in water not oil)  / 1 TB Hellman’s mayo/ 1 tsp. each   green onions , celery, fresh parsley , cracked black pepper / on 4-6 large leaves of iceburg lettuce  / 1 cup cucumber slices/ other half of the snack pack or raw almonds/ ice tea/water/mineral water

Dinner:  roasted chicken OR  turkey breast / 1 cup  steamed broccoli  / salad with 1/2 cup each of baby kale , spinach, romaine lettuce, and a low fat low carb dressing OR olive oil and vinegar

Snack: sugar free Jello


Breakfast: 1 whole & 2 egg whites fried in olive oil Pam  /  1/2  Ezekiel English muffin / 1 Tb. cream cheese

Lunch: leftover chicken, turkey breast, fish, or lean meat  / 1/2 each cup raw peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, & sugar snap peas / 1-2 Tb. low carb low fat dressing/ 1 low carb tortilla

Dinner: Same as lunch but add 1 cup quinoa , brown rice, or whole wheat pasta

snack: hummus and raw veggies   or Dole frozen strawberries covered in dark chocolate (single pack)


Breakfast: Bran flakes (All Bran) / 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk/ 1 cup melon

Lunch: 2 slices Ezekiel bread/ leftover meat/poultry/or low salt deli turkey/ mustard/ raw spinach leaves/ Special K multi grain crackers/ 1 cup melon or grapes

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta  / with ground turkey in a low carb sauce/ greens with 1-2 Tb. low carb low fat dressing/ 1 Tb. Parm cheese

Snacks: air popped popcorn no butter/ single serv. greek frozen yogurt with berries on top/ cottage cheese with berries on top

I think I can do this! It never makes me feel deprived like most low carb diets do.  I am going to stick to a regular diet until payday and then shop for all of this on payday = grocery shopping day  .


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