Good morning! I have been online doing quite a bit of research on “Carb Cycling” . I got most of my information from The Dr. Oz show and Chris Powell. This seems like a lifelong lifestyle change that I can make.  You alternate  2 extreme low carb ~ 3 low carb~ and 2  high carb days. […]


Well yesterdays eye doctor appointment has sunk in and frankly I am scared sh–less!  I am in my 40’s have 20/20 vision in one eye. I am legally blind in the other eye and in that same eye have glaucoma. The doctor triple checked because it is so unusual. It is directly connected to my […]


Well , well, well  it has been a preeeeetty long time since I have been on here. Since last summer (2013) it seems. sigh Here I am dusting myself off and getting back on the (health) wagon so to speak.  I am back up to 210.  UGH!!!  I am so frustrated with myself. I have […]