Friday (said with a smile)

Good Friday morning to everyone!

What a difference another day makes. Especially one that is filled with blue skies and sunshine. It helps a great deal with my overall attitude.

((THANK you))  I ♥ the ideas.  I a going to

~ Keep a few journals (one here, one handwritten just for food, and one prayer journal)

~I am going to (weather permitting-this is Ohio after all) walk out of doors every day.

~I am going to put aside some time every day to read, have a cup of low cal chai tea latte, and if time permits take a loooong hot bath at the end of the day.

~I am going to try and not focus on the stressful parts of my day/week/month/life. Instead I need to try and focus on the positive. There is no place in my life for ugly, negative , or bitterness which can only be lifesucking and offers nothing good to my life.

~I am considering trying to find time early next fall (when life slows down) to go in for some therapy for my extreme (I mean REAL extreme) germaphobia and cleaning ocd. Which calm down in spring-early fall and are out of control in winter.

Yesterday we went to Sandusky to get our photo’s taken for our Ceder Point passes. It opens up two weeks from Saturday. My boys like  really like LOVE this place. Our 6 year old finds a great deal of sensory comfort in the rides so we use it as much as we can.  It is only a 20 minute drive from where we live. The BEST part????  We can go walk the park (in 3 hours including ride time) and it is a LOT of walking! You don’t even really notice that your working out because it is so much fun. Last year I walked off 35 pounds last summer  (which I since re-gained)  This year I am going to try and do this again. I will call it the CEDER POINT workout program!  LOLOL



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  1. I love your ideas – they are all very, very similar to what I do. I like journaling because it keeps things in perspective and helps sort my thoughts and clear my mind. I used to live in PA and have been to Cedar Point when I was little. You’re lucky to live so close to it with three young children – it’s almost like a staycation. Have a great weekend!

  2. I am LOVING the positivity!!! It is awesome!!!

    I think you have an awesome “game plan” and I think it could really work for you….it might take some sweat and work to get where you need to be, but that is what makes us stronger.

    Stay Positive

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