Good morning!

I have been online doing quite a bit of research on “Carb Cycling” . I got most of my information from The Dr. Oz show and Chris Powell. This seems like a lifelong lifestyle change that I can make.  You alternate  2 extreme low carb ~ 3 low carb~ and 2  high carb days. It is not freedom to eat crap though. the carbs need to be healthy, full of fiber, and nutrient dense.  The studies also show that it can have a huge impact on insulin numbers and lowering them along with the weight.  Here are some menu examples:

almost no carb day

Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg & two whites / 1/2 snack pack raw almonds / coffee, tea, water

Lunch: tuna 1 large can or two small (in water not oil)  / 1 TB Hellman’s mayo/ 1 tsp. each   green onions , celery, fresh parsley , cracked black pepper / on 4-6 large leaves of iceburg lettuce  / 1 cup cucumber slices/ other half of the snack pack or raw almonds/ ice tea/water/mineral water

Dinner:  roasted chicken OR  turkey breast / 1 cup  steamed broccoli  / salad with 1/2 cup each of baby kale , spinach, romaine lettuce, and a low fat low carb dressing OR olive oil and vinegar

Snack: sugar free Jello


Breakfast: 1 whole & 2 egg whites fried in olive oil Pam  /  1/2  Ezekiel English muffin / 1 Tb. cream cheese

Lunch: leftover chicken, turkey breast, fish, or lean meat  / 1/2 each cup raw peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, & sugar snap peas / 1-2 Tb. low carb low fat dressing/ 1 low carb tortilla

Dinner: Same as lunch but add 1 cup quinoa , brown rice, or whole wheat pasta

snack: hummus and raw veggies   or Dole frozen strawberries covered in dark chocolate (single pack)


Breakfast: Bran flakes (All Bran) / 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk/ 1 cup melon

Lunch: 2 slices Ezekiel bread/ leftover meat/poultry/or low salt deli turkey/ mustard/ raw spinach leaves/ Special K multi grain crackers/ 1 cup melon or grapes

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta  / with ground turkey in a low carb sauce/ greens with 1-2 Tb. low carb low fat dressing/ 1 Tb. Parm cheese

Snacks: air popped popcorn no butter/ single serv. greek frozen yogurt with berries on top/ cottage cheese with berries on top

I think I can do this! It never makes me feel deprived like most low carb diets do.  I am going to stick to a regular diet until payday and then shop for all of this on payday = grocery shopping day  .



Well yesterdays eye doctor appointment has sunk in and frankly I am scared sh–less!  I am in my 40’s have 20/20 vision in one eye. I am legally blind in the other eye and in that same eye have glaucoma. The doctor triple checked because it is so unusual. It is directly connected to my type 2 diabetes, It is a direct result of my not taking care of myself. I was ALMOST at my goal weight. I had 15 more pounds to go!!!! Then I threw it all away! I stopped eating well, I stopped working out, I stopped my medication (diabetes), I even stopped going to all of my doctors appointments (OBGYN, Mammo, diabetes, eye, dentist).  In my head I think I just gave up on myself. What the HE– have I done???  I am awake now but is it too late??

Things are going to change. NOW! I have been eating healthy as well as eating healthy appropriate portions. Eye doctor was step 1.

step 2 diabetes doctor next month

step 3 dentist June

step 4 OBGYN   August

step 5 mammo September

frankly the mammo and OBGYN scare the heck out of me. I have a real extreme phobia of #1 germs  #2 cancer #3 death (yes even though I am a Christian) So I always put them off. Stupid yes I know.

There I put it in writing. Now I am committed.

I am down 1 pound to 209. I am thankful for that. I just need to take my life day by day and moment by moment if needed.

I plan on coming back here more often just to get my thoughts out. I may be blunt, a little self deprecating, but I am pretty brutal in my honesty in looking at myself. I hope that this helps me get back on track healthwise.



Well , well, well  it has been a preeeeetty long time since I have been on here. Since last summer (2013) it seems.


Here I am dusting myself off and getting back on the (health) wagon so to speak.  I am back up to 210.  UGH!!!  I am so frustrated with myself. I have let things in life get me down and I have not been taking good care of my health at all. It is loooong past time that I start taking better care of myself. Here are some tangible things I need to do.

1) eat the right amount of calories, fat, carbs

2) workout every day (with a rest day on Sunday OR Monday)

3) go to my diabetes doctor and get back on my medication

4)take a break once a week (mani, pedi, movie, time with girlfriends)

5) Spend time IN the word (The Bible)

Right now those are the things that I NEED to do.

I would LIKE to lose 5 pounds by the end of the month. If it is more wonderful!

Well that is all for now!



HelloI have been on track. Eating well, I am trying to eat as “clean” as possible. I am also eating at least 1-2 meals a day vegetarian. I am moving every day. I go to Ceder Point amusement park 3-4 days a week. Those are 2-3 hour walks each time. I am also doing weights and a tiny bit of running. My weight is down to 209.4    (BIG SMILE)!!!!For anyone who is interested I am also on Myfitnesspal my site address is below. Feel free if you join to friend me.SISTER Pat I have tried to send you this but it wont go through on your comments it says they are disabled. Sorry I did not get it to you sooner (my new addy there)For nowToodles!


Good morning!This has been a busy week. Our 14 year old son is working for a week at our churches camp. He was so excited to go. he always has such a blast with the kids.  I miss him and will be glad to see him Friday.We have been to ceder Point a few times this week. It has helped a LOT in many ways. It gives me something to look forward to (getting out of the house). It gives me movement . It may be slow walking but it is 2-3 hours of walking and that is calories burned. Which led me to get down to 210 today! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!! We will be going tonight after hubby gets off duty.  I have also been eating vegetarian 3/4 of the time. NOT vegan I don’t think I will ever roll that far. I like dairy, eggs, and honey far too much to go vegan. I eat an occasional organic turkey (lunch meat) or organic burger. That is about it though as far as meat goes. I really like beans, seeds, nuts, veggies, fruit, grain a LOT so I find it easier to eat this way most of the time. My hubby and boys however  ?? NO WAY!!  LOLOL  They like meat!  LOLThat is it for nowToodles!


The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the breeze is gently blowing the lace curtains in our windows. I can hear the locusts (I love that summer sound)  It is a great day!!!I have lost a few pounds. I am down to 212! Thank you Lord!!!!!!My eating has been pretty on track. I have been walking a LOT! We go to Ceder Point and the walking is 2 hours at the least 4 at the most.  I am a bit sore from the weight workout I did this morning and it feels wonderful!  🙂     We are going again tonight after hubby gets off duty.  :)That is all for nowToodles!


Well hello strangers!Yes I know it has been a long, loooong, LONG time since I have posted.Lets just say it has not been pretty! I kind of fell into this funk. You would think that I would just appreciate life and all of the good that is in it right now. ~I have a wonderful husband~I have four sons whom I love so much~We all have basic good health (although mine would be better if I lost weight)~We have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, food on the table~hubby has a really good job~we belong to a great churchWHY am I not able to focus on the GOOD????? Why as of late have I been keeping my focus on ~my weight~Little Bears autism and his future~My severed relationship with my bio family (my inability to fix it or trust them after what they did)~Living where we do (not on our farm in the country) I HATE where we live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~second youngest son is a teen and wondering if we should put him IN a building school vs. doing sat. school at home.~~~~My BIGGEST issue and problem seems to be my germaphobia/ocd.  I am fine until ANYONE around me has the flu or stomach issues. Anyone throwing up makes me panic to such a degree that I am panicked and frozen with fear.   Sigh  I have got to learn to focus on GOOD, focus on the blessings, focus on God! I have got to STOP turning to food  for solace, comfort, and emotional reasons!  I have got to learn to eat for fuel, for real hunger, for health, and for living.  I had a good day yesterday. I walked at Ceder Point for 3 hours. I ate for health. I even tried quinoa for the first time and it was really GOOD! I made it with veggies from a farm (grilled and oh so wonderful to eat organic veggies picked that very day)I started at 215 and today I weighed in at 212. 3 pounds so far. I have to sit down and write down some weight loss goals.For now Toodles!

Thursday in June

Boy oh boy it has been a while since I have posted.I have not been doing well. I have been under so much stress and strain with family issues, my sons autism, my teenage son being a teenager, and being stuck where we live for now. I REALLY miss the country. While I feel blessed to have a roof over my head, food on the table. clothes on our backs, and we are all in pretty good health I have such a BAD attitude about not living in the country. We are in the process of saving for our own place in the country but it will take a while. meanwhile we live with no yard, no storage space, no room to have our own space.  SIGH   Like I said a BAD attitude.  I have let all of this effect my eating and working out. I have gotten into a big FUNK and need to find my way out ~~Lord willing.Getting back on here is a good start for me.Toodles!


It is a wonderful sunny morning! The sky is blue, the air warm, a gentle breeze is blowing the curtians, the birds are singing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

I got my DVD workout in this morning. Later on after hubby gets off duty we are heading off to Ceder Point to go on rides and walk for about 2 1/2 hours. I am looking forward to the walk.

Little Bear (our youngest son ) has been having a really rough few days with his sensory issues and he acts out because of them. There are days where his autism does not seem to effect him at all and others where he looks like he is being tortured. poor Little bear 🙁


Breakfast~ 1 slice rye toast with 1 tsp. whipped butter (I do NOT do margerine = very bad for you), 1 egg, water, coffee

Lunch~ 2 slices rye, 4 oz. turkey, horseradish, 1 serv. tostitos, carrots

snack~ 1 100 cal pack cottage cheese, 2 clemintines

Dinner~ same as lunch but add one slice of swiss cheese



I have been gone for a few days but I have been doing well (thank you Lord!)

On Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday we went to Ceder Point. We walked for on average 3.5 hours each time. So EACH day I burned well over 700 calories! I am not weighing myself till the last day of the month. I want to work hard and not let a number on the scale dictate my day. I am not sure why but even when i stay on plan with eating and working out if I get on the scale and show a water weight gain or a slow loss it derails me for some reason. So I am opting to NOT weight myself more than once or twice a month. I work harder and i like pushing myself like that.


Breakfast~ 1 egg, 1 english muffin, 1 TB cream cheese, coffee, water

Lunch~ 2 slices whole wheat bread, turkey, mustard, 2 serv. fat free chips, carrots, yogurt ranch, hot peppers

Dinner~ 2 cups salad mix, yogurt ranch, 4 ounces lean beef, tomatos, red onion, hot peppers, hot sauce, 1 serv. tostitos

Snack~ 1 banana, 1 pack raw nuts (100 cal pack)