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Ch’i pronounce (chee) is the chinese word for the natural energy of the universe.  The belief is that it permeates all things including the human body.  It is similar to the concept of ‘prana’ in India, and ‘ki’ in Japan.  It is a metaphysical or spiritual concept… cannot be measured by Western scientific method. Ch’i is useful in teaching body self awareness. Ch’i is associated with ‘chakras’ which are pranic zones of energy.  I use ch’i as a part of my meditation. For the last two years I have focused on the first chakra or root chakra.

This energy focuses on instinct, security, survival, and human potential.  I was stuck in the beginning of my journey.  I had to look at food from an instinctual level,  look at food as security,  look at food as survival mechanism  (obvious one) and food and human potential.  I looked at the behaviors done in the beginning of a journey and focused on learning new skills.

Unfortunately, all the musings went poof went 3fatchicks converted to a new system.  Yes I went a way from the group for a while.  and a lot changed in the meantime.

Now I am 40 pounds into the journey.  It is time to move to the next level.  the sacral chakra.  The emotions and behaviors associated with this chakra  are relationships, violence, addictions, basic emotional needs, and pleasure. Whew! no wonder I have been avoiding moving on.  Now that I am beginning to know me, I will have to look at some of the negative stuff of me.  I don’t wanna go there.   but if I am going to embrace this Tiger, I must.

coming tomorrow: Relationships and food

March 3rd, 2010 at 9:09 am