Girl crush

I think I have a crush on my trainer!!  Not really, but she inspires me like nobody else can and I want to work harder to make her happy.

There are 3-4 regulars at our boot camp.  One girl in particular is our instructor’s favorite.  She is super strong and really intense so I totally get why our instructor loves her but I get frustrated sometime b/c I think that she looks at me and thinks I’m wimpy and weak b/c I’m still overweight.  This week, though, was AWESOME!!  I ended up being the only person who showed up to boot camp and instead of cancelling class like she’s supposed to she trained me all by myself.  It was tough but I met every challenge.  After we did an entire lap of walking lunges (sucked!!) we went into the weight room and used the leg press machine.  She started me at 30 pounds and we ended up taking it all the way to 140.  I wasn’t surprised that I could go that high b/c I have been lifting for 20 years but I definitely know she was.  I even was able to do more than she could.  All she kept saying was “You’re strong…I mean, you’re REALLY strong!” 

I had to miss class today to get the kiddos ready for Halloween so I’m excited to go next Monday and see what she has to say.  Even if she doesn’t say anything I know she has a newfound respect for me and I’m going to use that as inspiration to work harder on making good food choices so I can continue to lose weight.

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  1. bigprof on January 16th, 2013

    Okay, you sound like a machine in this post! I did some bootcamp a few years ago and loved it, but for some reason haven’t gone back. Fear probably, but you make me miss it. Did you try the diet pills?

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