This is hard

I have been struggling since school has started but I’m proud to say I haven’t given up.  I was doing ok this week and then a major thunderstorm rolled through Tuesday night cutting my sleep short.  The next 2 days were spent eating things much higher in carbs/sugar than I normally do to bolster my energy.  I knew I was doing it but didn’t really care.  Today has been better, but not great, but I was able to stop myself from headed into a weekend-long slide so I’m pleased about that.  My weigh-in is Sunday morning which will help keep me focused tomorrow.  I’m nervous b/c we’re going out tomorrow night but I finally decided that if we just go to a movie (without going to dinner first) that I can stay on-plan and not have it negatively impact my stats on Sunday.

Next week I’m hoping to be back to normal.  I will be able to go to bootcamp which sets a good tone for the week.  I have figured out which weightlifting workouts I’m going to do for the week so now it’s just a matter of doing them.  I know that weight loss isn’t a constantly steady process but it’s so much more fun when I’m actually losing instead of working my ass off just to maintain.

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  1. patty on September 16th, 2012

    Hey, girl! I told you I’d be losing my school email account and hope I gave you the email at [email protected]

    Then, like a dummy, I forgot to mark your email address and lost it when I lost my school account.

    Miss you and hope all is well!

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