Weight Loss for Wimps Day 3

Current weight:  190, BMI:  30.7, Ideal Weight:  124-155, pounds per month goal:  5

I need to change my daily routine by:  eliminating snacking after supper.  I will do this by brushing my teeth when I have finished eating for the night and adding in a short workout during this time if needed to keep myself busy.

Although this wasn’t a part of the journal, I will change my weekly routine by greatly structuring my cheat meal on Sunday.  It has turned into a free-for-all but I have been able to change it from an entire day eating frenzy to a 1/2 day.  I will spend this week planning how I will get through this Sunday w/o eating everything in front of me.  It will be a challenge b/c we are having friends over for football but I will do it.

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