Weight loss for wimps day 2

I’m a bit behind on my reading/posting with “Weight Loss for Wimps” but I’m back on track eating-wise so I’m ok w/that.

Today’s task is to identify why I want to be thin.  The book takes you through several steps to ultimately be able to put into words the “why” of the job.  As much as I would love it to be for health reasons or to set a positive example for my kids, ultimately I want to be thin b/c I want to be desireable to others.  I don’t want to attract anyone else to do anything about it, but I do enjoy people commenting on how much better I look, having men hold open doors for me at stores and flirting (innocently).  We are also starting to be able to go out a bit more and I do like having other men appreciate me in front of my hubby.  We have struggled in the past w/a lack of sexual mojo (I want it more than he does) and it feels good for him to be reminded that he’s lucky to have me (and I know I am lucky to have him).

So there it is, my completely vain reason.  But if I’m going to do this for real I have to be honest with myself instead of coming up w/more socially acceptable reasons.

The second part of today’s exercise is to describe my “Big Dream”.  I will look like the “after” version of someone on What Not to Wear.  I will look put together in an effortless way.  My husband and older son will also be at a healthy weight because I will have been able to convince then that it’s worth it to exercise and eat healthy.  Our younger son will maintain his current level of health and we will be engaging in a variety of outdoor, active activities that can be done in a wheelchair.  We will have figured out a way to do fun things together as a family and yet still save money.  People will look at us and smile.

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