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I’m on a roll! February 4, 2010

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 196.  Weighed myself this morning!  I went to volleyball on Tuesday and then had kickboxing last night, stayed after kickboxing and did leg weights and 30 min on the tredmill!  When i watched tv last night I did sit ups until I couldn’t anymore!  (ok so it was only 50, i did some other things i dont know the names of too!)  I think I’m going to go skiing today, its really nice and if I can rope my Mamma into it  then i’m set!


UNDER 200 BITCHEZZZZZZ! February 2, 2010

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 Why yes,

As a matter of fact…I am down 9lbs and am weighing in under 200!  I clearly need to stop watching jersey shore! I had some fries and chips and brownies on the weekend.  the chips were all natural organic goodish for you chips with no artificial flavoring!  The brownies were low cal low fat with 5g of fiber/2brownies!  And as for the fries…I didn’t have a whole lot, but for what I had i had them with cheese curds annd gravy.  Mmmm poutine.  Everyone gets to have a little good stuff now and then!  I might have had a couple slices of pizza on saturday night too!  :S  I’m back on the wagon though!

Waist: 43″ (10″ from where i want to be!)

Arms: 13″

thigh: 27″ (haha, yes i know…i have fat legs, this number probably wont change)

calf: 17″

 chest: 44″…wooooaaah mama! 


 pics later tonight!


Go veg January 21, 2010

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 Right, I also signed up for the peta 30 day vegetarian challenge!


Day #1 of vegan eats!!

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  Ok I’ve been under the weather the past few days.  Lots of sleep!  I am reading the book skinny bitch and am totally grossed out at the thought of eating meat now.  Http://  Watch the vid and see if you EVER feel like eating meat again.  Luckily for me I live in the country and know some great free range organic farmers!  (yes, god bless my little island!)  I dont mind eating a chicken who has led a full outdoor life!  And who just gets its head cut off rather than all of that other gross stuff they do. 

  So good Ice cream really is pretty good!  I had it half and half with some Soy milk.  Excellent dairy alternative!  Had Veggie burgers for dinner, they were really good!  I put tomato and avacado on the burgers with a little bit of ketchup!  yum yum.  No sirloin, but yum none the less!

  Had organic rasin bran for breakfast!  Just as good as the regular stuff but with more fiber and less sugar!


A few old pics! January 19, 2010

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Pool in thaiand  I had to photoshop in a bikini top!  We were wearing leaves that day!


Me circa 2004.  135lbs, no baywatch girl….but I thought i looked pretty good here.  I’m never going to have skinny legs, I might as well face that.  But everything else I think looks good. I don’t even hate my legs there. 




And onto week 3! January 18, 2010

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 So I have eaten very healthy just about every day!  I had pop once, but other than that have completely switched to soda water.  (accidentally ordered tonic one night….barf!)  Almost 4 months in of no boozing.  I did have mexican food the other night.  That was a bad idea, but I was out with the girls and we split it!  Lots of protien is keeping me full, taking vitamins and benefiber helps too! I did go tubing on saturday, which may not sound like a workout, but walking back up that steep hill was killer!

   I signed up for the naturally fit challenge and I am hoping to win 5000$ at the end of 10 weeks.  Did the biggest loser last chance work out video today!  Tomorrow I’ll do the tuesday work out and then I have volleyball at 7!  I love playing volleyball!

  I’m really tired today, but i didnt sleep well last night.  Over all I find that I’ve got a lot more energy.  Sex life has greatly improved.  I was even on top the other night!  Lights off though, wouldnt want to kill the mood! hahaha.  couple of months and those could probably stay on.

  My neck sort of hurts so I’m going to do a lot of stretching tomorrow, and maybe call someplace to book in for a massage!  I deserve it!


The sad truth. January 8, 2010

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the front.delicious back fat!sweet merciful christ!

Here I am, at 24.  barf.  time for a change.  I need to ditch the cottage cheese and tone & firm up!!!!


Hello world!

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