Running in the Rain

Posted blucypresslily on May 26th, 2010 | Filed under fitness

Rainy, nasty, dreary day here in Seattle. But. I still got my run in this morning. I probably looked like a loon in my red rain coat (which is now too big and the hood kept drooping over my eyes), but I didn’t care 🙂

I finally started weeding out my fitness video collection and am getting rid of some titles that I no longer use and don’t foresee using again in the future. I’ve sold a few on Craigslist and given away the rest on, so I’m feeling good about that. I’m currently doing a Debbie Siebers Slim Series rotation and am gearing up to start Chalean Extreme in July. I’m alternating Slim Series days with no-weight cardio days, rotating between various kickboxing and bootcamp style dvds on the cardio days. I understand that Slim Series is predicated on slightly overtraining muscle groups, but I just can’t bring myself to lift weights on consecutive days–it seems counterproductive to me. Plus I get the added benefit of mixing things up and not getting bored to tears by only doing Slim Series (while it’s very, very effective for sculpting lean muscles, it’s also very, very boring to do it day after day after day).

Of course, I’m combining this with C25K 🙂

My typical week looks like this:

Monday: C25K in AM/Slim Series in PM

Tuesday: Yoga, Core routine in AM/Cardio of choice in PM

Wednesday: C25K in the AM/Slim Series in the PM

Thursday: Yoga, Core routine in AM/Cardio of choice in PM

Friday: C25k in AM/Slim Series in PM

Saturday: 3 mile hike in AM/3mile hike in PM

Sunday: Rest (do Cool it Off or Cathe’s Stretch Max)

For my Cardio of Choice days, I typically rotate between Insanity-Pure Cardio, 10 Minute Solutions Knockout Body Kicboxing all sets, Cathe Friedrich Kickmax or Punch, Kick and Jam, 10 Minute Solutions Ultimate Bootcamp all sets, and Jillian Michaels’ Burn Fat Boost Metabolism. My yoga mornings consist of either Yoga Meltdown or Biggest Loser Yoga.  And for core, it’s either Cathe’s Core Max, pilates, or 10 Minute Solutions Tummy Toners.

All in all, I’m digging my current rotation and, at the same time, am stoked to move on to my next rotation and starting CLX.

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