Exercise can be fun!

blondie1 on Jan 16th 2012 04:08 pm

Having to do the same old routine at the gym every single time is not only boring but eventually starts to feel like a chore instead of a fun way to relive stress and make you feel good! I don’t want you to resent the gym or be afraid to work out because it really can e enjoyable and fun! I’m extremely guilty of slacking from time to time on my work outs and constantly making excuses not to go (you know who you are!) but excuses and avoidance don’t bring around results so you either make the decision once and for all you want to change your life around and live better or you want to just sit on your couch watching t..v eating that pint of ice cream. I’m going to be trying many fun and interesting ways to work out that burn calories, give you results and keep you interested, along with good gyms to try for those of you who really don’t mind a simple work out at the gym doing your cardio and weight training.

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