another catch up

doing good.  Still fall off the diet everyonce in a while.  But still keeping the weight off.  I am about 1/2 pound from a major goal.  then only about 5-7 pounds to go.

Thanksgiving is not going to be good.  I will try and do my best.  Thankfully it is not at my house so no leftovers.

My pants are loose on me.  loving that.

Playing catch up again

So I am home from Sunriver.  Had a great time.  Very relaxing and nice to get away.  I took vicodin for 3 days and then went to Tylenol for 2 days.  That was it.  No more pain and my nose looks great.  Can’t hardly tell that I had surgery.

Food was on track for the time I was in Sunriver.  Came home and lost it.  I wanted pizza.  So, rather than not have any and be mad that I was on a diet and can’t eat anything I went and bought a take and bake.  I told myself that I would only have 2 slices and that is what I did.  With a big salad.  Sunday I had 2 more slices.  I stayed on track with the other food.  Monday stayed on track.  Tuesday I went for a 4 mile walk.  Stayed on track.

We have a ton of Halloween candy and I have not had any.  My daughter had made sugar cookies and i had a couple of those.  Wednesday was a good day.  It was my daughters birthday and I had made coffee cake.  So I had a slice of that.

I am really trying to incorporate the small meals and more of them into my everyday life.  My thinking is that it is ok to have a slice of pizza, not half a pizza.  Its ok to have spagetti, not a gross of spagetti.  Small portions are the key in my mind.

I am still down in weight and I understand with me not staying on plan that i am not going to drop a ton of weight.  But I feel great.  My jeans feel great.  I slip into them vs cramming myself into them.

I know I really need to step up my working out program.  I am so not disiplined in this area.  My foot is giving me issues when I walk so I need to get that figued out.  But that shouldn’t stop me from getting out of bed and working out.

I am going hiking on Saturday and really looking forward to that.

day of nothing

Absolutely nothing!!  I slept great.  The vicodin worked all night and I woke up in a little pain.  Got up and took a pill and had a mocha shake.  Those are my favorite.  Went back to bed.  Stayed in bed all day.  Had a bar for snack, chili for lunch and jello.  Dinner was egg beaters with green/red pepper and a green salad. 

Dessert was chocolate pudding. 

We did go to the mall here in town.  Picked up toothpaste a few other things. 

Can I repeat how hard this has been being here and not snacking.  Hubby has been having chips with salsa/cream cheese dip.  That is one of my favorite but I have not gone there.  Well, I have had 4 chips.  No dip. 

Another day of doing nothing tomorrow.  Might go for a little walk along the river. 

I got the email that my food was delivered yesterday.  So hopefully Monday.  I think I can make it till then. 


Tuesday~Surgery day

Packed up the food and clothes last night.  Slept terrible and was awake at 6am.  I didn’t know what to expect at the doctor.  What I had read online was kind of scary and I knew I shouldn’t have read it, but I did.  Had a shake for breakfast.  They are so much better when I blend them with ice.  I can suck those puppies down.  Went to the doctor and checked in.  A girl from high school was there.  I hadn’t talked/seen her in 20+ years.  She looked great and for once I wasn’t embarrassed about how I looked. 

They took me back to the room, numbed me up and took a layer off.  Sent me out to the waiting room and I had a bar.  They tested the sample and it was about 45 minutes and they called me back.  They had gotten it all.  YEAH!!  So then they sewed me back up.   My husband and I got in the car and off we went to recoup out of town. 

We stopped at McDonald’s to get him something to eat.  It was so hard not to get the biggest burger and fries, but I just got a coffee with creamer and sugar.  It might be cheating, but I needed something.  It is tradition to get Sonic on the way to the vacation house and I passed on that too.  Not worth the back slide.  I was so proud of myself.  I had another bar and drank a ton of water.   Got to the house and then I had a soup.  It was the chicken and wild rice.  Not my favorite, but I like it way more than the tomato. 

Relaxed a bit then made my tilapia and had a green salad.  Just had the vanilla pudding for dessert.

Oh, I weighed myself this morning.  143.5  YEAH!!  I wanted to pack my scale for the trip buy I forgot.  So I am going to be really careful with my food.  I was so good with my packing.  Oh, I did have sugar free jello as my soup was cooking.  And while my fish was cooking I had 4 tortilla chips. 

I think the hardest thing is going to be not snacking or just plain going crazy on food.  It is just me and husband here and I can’t exercise for a week.  Maybe we will go for a stroll tomorrow.  Can’t be anything wrong with that can there?

I am on vicodin.  I would like to clarify, that I didn’t proofread this post, so I hope it makes sense.  I am so glad we stopped and picked it up from pharmacy.  I don’t think Tylenol would have been enough. 

Might be a boring few days.  Looking forward to relaxing the next few days. 

Where to start on the catch up?

I have been doing ok.  Eating on track for most of the week.  My birthday was on the 20th and my husband and I went to dinner.  I had 3 onion rings and a couple drinks.  But I had the salad that is just lean and green.  It was good.  But I paid for it the next day.  Upset stomach and weight.

My husband gave me a new scale for my birthday.  I don’t like weighing myself on it as it is a few pounds off of my old scale.  So it is now hard to tell how much I have truly lost.  So I will post my weight from the new scale as I want to keep that one and the other might have been wrong to begin with. 

Thursday and Friday on track.  Saturday was a fun day with my friends.  I walked 4 miles in the morning and then off to Hood River for a wine tour.  We were spending the night so I packed my food and planned on eating good where we went to eat.  The only bad I did was drink too much wine.  But it was so much fun.  Dinner was at one of the ladies sons.  Her son is a chef and fixed us a lean and green and other food for the others that were there.  I was so blessed as he made chicken and the best green salad I have ever eaten.  The dressing was oil and fresh squeezed lemon.  It was so good.  The next day my friends were doing a marathon and I was doing support.  Last year I did the 1/2 marathon.  I couldn’t do it this year.  My foot hurts and really giving me issues.  I rode my bike for some of the race and my rear is paying for it today.

Sunday I stayed on track.  Monday too.  Need to drink more water. 

tomorrow is my surgery.  I have my food packed for the day.  Then we are heading out of town after the surgery and I packed all my food for the week.  Hope my food comes in when I get back as I am getting down to the soups and puddings.  Packed up the fish and broccoli too.  Looking forward to getting away. 

Will try and walk while gone, but don’t know what is going on with surgery so will figure that out later.

Today’s weight on new scale:144

Saturday’s weight on new scale: 144.7


Todays update

Weighed in and I was 141.  I would rather be at a even vs. over.

Food and water intake was good.  Hubby wanted to go out to dinner so we went to Olive Garden.  This is such a learning process for me.  I am reading menus different and restuarants are not friendly to the people watching what they eat.  There was ONE thing on the menu I could eat.  It was a lean and green.  Chicken and asparagus/brocolli.  I did have some salad~no croutons.  I ate half my meal and packed the rest of it up for dinner tomorrow night. 

I came home and made a brownie.  This was my first time making it.  I hadn’t had chocolate forever and this is exactly what I needed.  It hit the spot. 

Wednesday is my birthday.  I am having a hard time with this one.  The big 40.  I don’t feel 40, I feel 28.  I am going to try and stay on track on that day, but I am not going to lie, its going to be hard. 

Sunday night

What a great day!! 

I ate on plan.  Had a hamburger patty with a slice of tomato, grilled zucchini and a green salad for dinner.  Going to have a mango ice for dessert.  It has been a while since i have had a dessert and I am finding I am waking up hungry in the morning. 

I put all my food together for the week.  I took out my food that I didn’t like.  Why suffer.  🙂  My coach let me know there might be someone that will want to trade with me.  Yeah!! 

Tomorrow I am planning on staying on track and having egg beaters for dinner.  Or I might save that since I still have some halibut left from the other night. 

Tonight was hard at times because I had to make dinner for hubby and son.  They had full on hamburgers with the buns and mayo.  And I had made them french fries.  I was so good as all I wanted to do was shove it all down my face.  But I poured my self a glass of water and dealt with it.  I remind myself that once I learn to eat under control then I can enjoy these things again.  It is all about portion control.  And exercise. 

I really want to get back in to running.  I do have the Couch to 5K on my ipod and would love to get back in that habit.  Once day at a time.


Catch up day

It has been a few days.  I think it has been because I have not seen the weight go down. 

Thursday I weighed 143.  I stayed on schedule with my food and water.  I had tilipia and cauliflower for dinner.  That is so good. 

Friday I weighed 143.  Stayed on schedule with food and water.  When I got home from work, hubby wanted to go see a movie, I put crackers and water in my purse and off we went.  I am not a big popcorn eater so this wasn’t difficult for me.  When I got home I had tilipia and cauliflower.  It really is good. 

Saturday weighed 143.  Stayed on track with food.  Cleaned my closet.  I seem to have more energy as usually I do nothing on the weekends.  But I gutted my closet.  Feels so good to have a clean closet.  I took out a ton of clothes to take to goodwill and to the local consignment shop.  Dinner tonight was halibut and brocoli.  I am thinking I might swim away from so much fish.  I think I will have beef or chicken for a couple nights. 

Sunday woke up and weighed, 141.  Yeah!!  Todays plan is to stay on track and get my food ready for the upcoming week.  I am taking out the food I don’t like and might try and sell it on craigslist.  I did find some recipes online that i might see if that will help.  But I really don’t think I can choke down the pretzels. 



I woke up and weighed in 143.  Wow.  Ate a bar and planned for the day.  On my days off I tend to go off schedule.  My mom was coming and we were going out of town to go shopping for the day.  So I threw a couple bars in my purse.  We had a blast shopping.  She bought me a couple tops and an awesome pair of boots that I can’t wait to wear.  I paid for part of a pair of shoes.  And we went to the Nike clearance store and they had skirts for $5.  I bought one.  I love skirts for walking in.  I could have bought a few more.

We went out for lunch and I had a small chef salad with no cheese.  Dressing on the side.  And I only had about a tablespoon of that.  It was good. 

I realized, after an email from my Medifast coach, that I wasn’t eating enough during the day.  Makes sense to why I am losing weight so fast.  So I will throw another Medifast meal on my day.  Problem is I don’t like some of the food.  I like a majority of it so I guess I will work on that. 


Tuesday-Day 6

Woke up early with the dog and had to go downstairs to watch them.  So I had a bar and 32 ounces of water.  Then up to get ready for work.  Weighed myself and I was  145.  No weight loss, but I had drinken a ton of water, so wasn’t going to let that get me down. 

Went to work and had a drink, soup and then crackers on my way home. 

I didn’t know what I was going to do for dinner.  Son wanted to go get Safeway chinese food so I thought it would be good time to get something for me.  I grabbed egg beaters.  And cauliflower.  So that is what I had for dinner.  I think I made the eggs wrong and made too many so I only ate about half.  Those weren’t too bad.  And I love cauliflower.  Next time I will take my veggie list to the store cause it would make a good omelet to add stuff to.

A peek in to Wednesday: I woke up and I weighed and I am 143.  I have been drinking a ton of water. 

Going to Centralia with my mom to shop for her new condo.  I hope to stay on track.  Will pack a few bars to make it through the day.


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