It is an uphill battle somedays…

Posted by blasphemie on February 20th, 2011 |Filed Under General | 1 Comment

Well I gained weight this week. I saw it coming a mile away. I was sick last week and lost a big number and knew once I started eating normally it would come back. I was hoping for a smaller gain…lol but such is life.

I didn’t workout and I ate bad. Surprisingly I can’t just wish the fat off I actually have to make changes and take action! But a new week is here and I will do better 🙂

Today I just decided to do it and did some wii fit boxing and hula hoops then did just dance & then just danced around a ton till I couldn’t move anymore lol. I really love dancing. I looked online for the wii zumba but for some reason it seems out of stock like everywhere and where they do have it its marked up to $70 so yeah I don’t think so lol. Maybe I will try to get Just Dance 2.

But idk because I need to save my money up. Going on a trip in June to visit my family yay!! I miss them so much. It is really hard living so far away from them. I am super excited about it. But on the flip side there is alot of issues it brings up. Taking a trip is alot of money- the plane is like $500 and then duh spending money too. Also leaving my husband home all alone. Last time I visited my family we lived near his family/friends and he spent alot of time visiting his friends and his brother came over. But now we live like 3-4 hour drive away from everyone. So that means he will pretty much be all alone the entire time. That makes me sad. I am sure at first it will be nice having the place to himself lol but it will quickly be sad 🙁 On top of it I miss my kitties and birds. I won’t be too worried because I can bug the DH to feed them over the phone lol but I know he won’t let the birds out of their cage for exercise at all and I am hoping he wont just leave them covered or locked in the bedroom too much.

And ofcourse it also means I really need to get focused and drop some lbs!! Ofcourse I wanna look awesome for when I visit and also because June in texas I am gonna melt and so I totally want to be wearing some shorts and tank top and feel confident about it.

but overall I am just very very excited!!

Also I have decided to start walking. I really miss it. I love just being outside walking. And I also think it was what helped me lose weight so well the first time. I just need to suck it up. Get over all my fears and get out there. Ok so that is so much easier said then done for me. I think my biggest worry (excuse) is because where I live now is on this giant hill. Sure going down will be easy. Trying to push my butt back up it will be the killer. And little miss anxiety me is already nervous enough with thinking about everyone’s eyes on me as I huff and puff and struggle to walk up a hill or pass out in the middle of the road (also why does no where have side walks it seems anymore??)

But I am gonna do it. I mapped out a smidge over a mile on sparkfitness maps. And I will see how it goes from there.


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