Beginning to feel the changes

Posted by blasphemie on January 25th, 2011 |Filed Under General | 1 Comment

Wii Fit Yoga + Rhythm Boxing  18 mins (50 calories burned)
My Fitness Coach 30 mins (125 calories burned)
Wii Free Step 30 mins (115 calories burned)
Food Tracked:

So it has been 25 days in since I have started my new journey. I think I have finally started to feel changes yay. I have more energy for sure. I feel stronger and beginning to feel it in how I move. I am getting more flexable.

and it all feels GREAT!

I tried the rhythm boxing on the Wii. It is alot of fun. I’ll keep doing it! I am also trying to do yoga. It is a bit rough lol. It is hard to do it on the wii. It is a bit hard to follow when trying to watch it on the tv screen when ofcourse many poses you are not able to also look at the tv lol. I guess I should just watch each step until I get it and then practice until I can do it along. I also worry about doing it correctly.

I kindof wish I could take a class. But I don’t have the extra money or transport and yeah panic attack me take a class ha! Maybe someday….

For now I will just keep trying. I just wish I could find a dvd that was really awesome for beginners. When I was way younger my mom had a vhs yoga for beginners tape that was awesome. it was so easy to follow and good paced I loved it. But I can’t remember the name of it 🙁

Good news today I was able to stay in range for my calories! I ate a big ugly fatty hamburger for lunch to do it though… I got some good advice from my mom to look at reynolds for recipes. So gonna try next week to make some chicken and veggies in a foil wrapper. Hopefully I can get my calorie planning under control and things will smooth out.


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