Of Blue Hair & Tattoos ~ Goals & Rewards!

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My Fitness Coach 30 mins (127 calories burned)
Wii Fit Rhythm Boxing 10 mins (47 calories burned)
Wii Free Run 1 mile 14mins (112 calories burned)
Food Tracked: http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_tracker.asp?id=CAELESTIS&dte=1%2F24%2F2011

So First of all I decided that I would like to set a goal/reward for myself. Once I lose 20ish more lbs which will put me at 195lbs. I’ll be in Onederland! And have lost a total of 36lbs yay!

Anyways when I reach that goal, I am going to dye my hair BLUE! I have always wanted to do it and always felt insecure, self conscious. I want to hide not do things to draw attention to myself or stand out 🙁 And I want that attitude to change to be who I want to be without fear.

I’ll go and treat myself to getting my hair trimmed and then have them bleach the hell out of it lmao!

Also I decided that for my birthday which is way far away in September I hope to be close to my goal of 165 if not hit it. So as long as I stay on track I want to get another tattoo.

I really really want a tattoo on my wrist. I was thinking of something spiritual and meaningful to me. I really loved the idea of a triple moon but instead of the moon/circle in the center of two crescent moons I would do like a heart. But then I saw this star and smacked it inbetween two crescent moons and omg I LOVE it!

My DH will flip out. I am sure it will be a fight. He wasn’t thrilled with me getting the butterfly on my ankle. But it is my body & not like I am getting something across my forehead or a whole sleeve done lol So he can just deal with it I don’t care….

The moon is a very important symbol in my religion. It symbolizes the Goddess and femininity, and to match my goals it represents change ~ the ever changing phases of the moon. The star is a symbol of balance. Each point represents an element earth, air, fire, water and spirit. All tied together.

On another note… I have not been doing well at all. I have not been eating enough calories. 🙁 Bad me. On top of the exercise it is probably not good for me at all. I think part of it is some subconscious fear of eating too much but mostly I think it is just bad planning and time management.

So I have decided to be a bit more specific in my schedule and planning. I need to set a bed time for myself & stick to it and I’ll get 9 hours of sleep and make sure to get up the same everyday. Then I am going to split my meals up into 5 meals for the day. Three normal ones and 2 snacks but close to the same calories.

I will make sure I get enough calories in each day.


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