Fat as Mud

Things i can do to improve my life:

  • Exercise every morning, get it over with before I find an excuse
  • Learn to meditate, i could use some solace
  • Drink more water, there are days I go straight from coffee to wine
  • Kegel exercises, because peeing when I cough isn’t cool
  • Practice belly breathing, it helps me focus on my abs when I exercise
  • Plan my meals and do preparations on the weekends
  • Initiate sex more often, I know I’m fat, he knows I’m fat, so what & I’m skinny in my fantasies
  • Sort thru my clothes, I have fat, medium & skinny clothes all together, & where are all my socks?
  • Get some classwork done already!
  • Start walking my dog again, she loves it & it’s good for me
  • Get on a decent sleep routine, there is nothing decent about 2a-noon
  • Stick to my bill paying schedule, I used to be so good at that
  • Trade spider solitaire for Wii Fit
  • Whiten my teeth in the evenings instead of snacking
  • Take my vitamins and probiotics every day
  • Do the dishes after dinner every night
October 2020
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  • beerab: It's funny how what we now call binges are NOTHING compared to what we used to do!
  • round: Hi just checking in with you - how are you ?
  • round: nudge, nudge... how are you doing? I had champagne, wine & a decadent dessert Saturday, so you're not alone. I'm back at it... day by day

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By July 4th: lose 14 lbs & start exercising!

Such a looooooooooong way to go…………