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I spent all day finishing up my grading. Tomorrow morn i will run out to the college to turn in all my paperwork and punch in the grades. I hope to get up and do some form of exercise. I’m already testing out excuses on myself… I may sleep late, I may just want to […]

I’ve yo-yoed enough in my time to know that the first few pounds are the easy ones, nothing much to get too excited about.  It does feel good to be getting close to being under 200 again. And it is half way thru the 16 pounds i’ve gained since i quit this blog a year […]

04 May, 2010

just another day in diet world

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Today has kind of dragged by. I’ve got a headache and i’m ready to head on to bed. I’ve got lots to do tomorrow. I have being staying focused on my diet plan. I’m getting close to becoming obsessed, which is exactly what i need to do to get a good start. I managed to […]

29 Apr, 2010

I’ll start my diet tomorrow…

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That’s a cliche that has certainly always applied to me. Actually i plan on starting on Sunday. I am however making plans, trying to get into the right mindset. I charted up a 2 week menu and a small exercise regiment. I wrote up a grocery list. I signed up for Janice Taylor’s 21 day […]

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  • round: nudge, nudge... how are you doing? I had champagne, wine & a decadent dessert Saturday, so you're not alone. I'm back at it... day by day

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