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29 Apr, 2010

Fat as Mud

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That’s what i’m thinking for a new blog title. That was the name of my recent art exhibit (long story). I’m gonna sit on it for a few days and see if i still like it. Evening update: More laziness from me for the day. Pretty much the only thing I’m doing right is coming […]

Yeah, I know better. I drank a few cups of coffee (15 cal x3) but i just didnt feel like food until now….and i feel a binge coming on. But i came here instead because that’s what i’m supposed to do in this situation. I just ate a tapioca cup (70 cal) and a mousse […]

. . Also i’m re-addicted to fast food. There have been several days in the past week where i have only eaten fast food all day. I can use the excuse of being so busy with my last week of classes as to why i haven’t been blogging, much less dieting. But we all know, […]

20 Apr, 2009

i am super self-destructo

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I got up yesterday and was so excited to be under 190! Apparently eating 1600 hasn’t been hurting me, my weight is still going in the right direction. But then i just did nothing all day. And even worse, i got snack happy. Philip brought home some red licorice (i asked him to get it) […]

18 Apr, 2009

a long week comes to an end

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The workshop this week was really great, probably the best one i have ever attended. I still haven’t exercised. It’s been like 4 or 5 days. Hopefully i am the first one up in the morning and i can get back to it. It’ll be like starting all over again, not that i had built […]

17 Apr, 2009

quickie post

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I’m up way too late again tonight. One of these days i am going to get it together and get to bed at a decent hour and get up early. Umm, no workout again today. School all morning, then for dinner I took Hannah and her BFF Megan out for pizza, then i kinda sat […]

16 Apr, 2009

long day at school

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I still haven’t taken the time to workout. We are having a visiting artist workshop right now so i am going to school early and i got home late tonight because i stayed for the lecture. His work is really cool, check him out if your interested, David A. Huang, a metalsmith. I have to […]

15 Apr, 2009

out to eat at a japanese steakhouse

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I got up today so excited to be down 2 more pounds. You’d think I would have done my workout right off the bat … Nope, I got online and started searching for nutrition info on food at japanese steakhouses. Hannah is really into japanese culture and I told her we could go to the […]

14 Apr, 2009

just a quick little post

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I’m just checking in. Hannah and I are watching the old black & white Lord of the Flies. It’s very faithful to the book. Philip and I agree to go to bed early tonight. I’ve been staying up way too late every night. No workout today since it was a school day. I’ve done good […]

That’s right, i said it. I am so happy to be eating right and exercising every day! I’m back in the right mindset. Putting my health first. Got up this morning and struggled thru another cardio dvd, but its all good. Knowing i got up and worked out really makes me feel better for the […]

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