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I’ve yo-yoed enough in my time to know that the first few pounds are the easy ones, nothing much to get too excited about.  It does feel good to be getting close to being under 200 again. And it is half way thru the 16 pounds i’ve gained since i quit this blog a year […]

It was rough. I almost didn’t even make the time for it. I got home at 2:15 and had 40 minutes before picking up the girls. Usually i would of just laid up on the couch or my bed, but somehow i mustered up the will to do it. I think i only went thru […]

01 May, 2010

bye-bye baked goods

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Farewell fast food, au revoir onion rings, ciao milk chocolate, talk to you later tequila. Hello home made meals, excited to meet you again exercise. Whatever. I felt excited about making changes this morning, but now i just feel like taking a nap. Tomorrow is the big day. I think I will be fine with […]

30 Apr, 2010

Sushi night with the girls

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I’m about to head out the door to go hang with some friends for the night. I haven’t decided if i’m going to stay out and drink all night or just come on home. It depends on if they decide to go to a bar or not, i hate bars, too crowded and too noisy […]

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  • round: nudge, nudge... how are you doing? I had champagne, wine & a decadent dessert Saturday, so you're not alone. I'm back at it... day by day

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