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14 May, 2010

blah blah blah…

Posted by: billie In: basic BS|bitching

No time for coffee, didn’t exercise, semester is finished, trying to stay low-cal with lots of cravings (cappuccinos and hershey’s kisses…but i resisted both),  and i need to get off my ass to make the strawberry freezer jam.  That sums up my day fairly concisely. Also, my weight was up 2 lbs this morning and […]

I have just had so much going on lately! The semester is almost over and i am determined to get into a regular exercise routine as soon as i get everything turned in. The good news is that i am doing really good with food. After a few days of eating healthier, it has become […]

07 May, 2010

another long ass day for me

Posted by: billie In: basic BS|bitching

I’ve been hard at it all day, and i have to get up bright and early in the morn. After all my work stuff, i plan on making glazes and having margaritas with my pottery girlies tomorrow night. Hope i get a chance for a nap in between, otherwise i’m gonna be the first one […]

05 May, 2010

A whole lot of didn’ts in my blog today…

Posted by: billie In: basic BS

Didn’t get home till 9pm tonight. Didn’t get up early enough to fit in a workout this morn. Spent most of the day doing exam prep for my classes. I haven’t taken the time to work in my mindfulness journal yet, but i will when i crawl into bed. I didn’t eat before heading to […]

30 Apr, 2010

i gave my blog a makeover

Posted by: billie In: basic BS

Now, if i can only do that for my body. I’ve been up half the night. This blog got a new name, a fresh look and i added lots of great links to my blogroll, check them out.

. That’s right… its been exactly one year since i have even been to this blogsite. Today someone read my blog and posted a lovely comment on post #41, thanks so much Dyncchiggic. I’m the type that always needs a little push. So… in the past year since i quit paying attention to all things […]

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