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13 May, 2010

i’m tired & grouchy

Posted by: billie In: bitching

I think i will just log in my calories for today then go on to sleep. i spent half the day grading, part of the day teaching (final exam day) and the end of the day drinking. I was busy and didnt get many calories in today so i desided i would indulge a little and have margaritas tonight.

I still haven’t gotten around to doing those mental-cises … tomorrow i will work on that.

I’m about ready to konk right now as i type.

Activity: the usual… not much

Food: greek yogurt with honey (140) and macadamia nuts (210). coffee (10) with splenda and ff half n half (40). cottage double (100). ham (100) with ff cream cheese (60). another cottage doubles (100) and another greek yogurt with honey (140). 4 low-cal margaritas (420).

total calories:  1320 . . . . . . a good night for margaritas!

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  • beerab: It's funny how what we now call binges are NOTHING compared to what we used to do!
  • round: Hi just checking in with you - how are you ?
  • round: nudge, nudge... how are you doing? I had champagne, wine & a decadent dessert Saturday, so you're not alone. I'm back at it... day by day

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