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12 May, 2010

I’ve lost 8 lbs since i started this 10 days ago…

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I’ve yo-yoed enough in my time to know that the first few pounds are the easy ones, nothing much to get too excited about.  It does feel good to be getting close to being under 200 again. And it is half way thru the 16 pounds i’ve gained since i quit this blog a year ago. So, that is nice.

It’s gonna get harder from here on. I will have to step up my game if i want to keep losing. I’m fantasizing that i can do 2 lbs a week but i have got to move my ass a little to make it happen. If i could just get in some moderate activity, maybe 3 little workouts in the next week’s time that would be a good start and then i could build up to more from there.

But, i cannot lie. I will not do this today or tomorrow or probably on Thursday either. I just have so much end of the semester grading to do and all. And every moment that i have to not do classwork i spend doing relaxing things…for instance i have been watching my most recent netflix dvd for the last couple hours. Friday is my start date for exercise. Friday is the day i will make a move. I will get up at a decent hour on friday and put in an exercise dvd first thing. (This is me talking myself into it.)

Something else i have been neglecting is my “mental mindset” journal. I do like doing those mental-cises from Janice Taylor’s e-coaching program. I think they do help to figure out the roots of my issues, they give me insights to help me see things more clearly.

I’ve still been having trouble getting my calories up to 1200, so tonight i had a protein shake. Once i start exercising ON FRIDAY i will up my calorie intake to 1400-1600 and start bringing the big carbs back into my diet.

Today’s activity: same old nothing

Today’s food: greek yogurt (100) with honey (30), macadamia nuts (210), coffee (5) with splenda and ff half n half (30). sunflower kernels (180). a grilled burger (300) with cheese (45) but no bun and mushrooms (20) sauted in a bit of butter (25). YoCrunch (100), cottage double (100) and an EAS protein drink (110).

Total calories: 1255

Goodnight chickies! and good luck on all your weight loss endeavors! 😉

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