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10 May, 2010

Busy, busy, busy…and still more to do.

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I have just had so much going on lately! The semester is almost over and i am determined to get into a regular exercise routine as soon as i get everything turned in.

The good news is that i am doing really good with food. After a few days of eating healthier, it has become much easier to make smarter choices. I’ve still been keeping close track using my phone app.

The bad news is that i haven’t done a stitch of exercise. I’ve been sleeping more than i need to and have been spending all my waking hours either working on class stuff or art stuff.

On Friday i even went back out for sushi with my pottery buddies. And i opted to not order a fried rice meal, and not do any drinking! We just made our glazes and i drove home at midnight (late for me).

Fri Activity: 2 hrs + of glaze making……. Fri Food: coffee (25), strawberries (30), peanuts (160), greek yogurt (100) with honey (30). then dinner calories are estimated a bit high: a small salad (70) then 2 pc each of rainbow roll (125), spider roll (135), yum yum roll (135). Friday total: 810

ok…now i’m worried that i’m not getting enough calories cause i know i didn’t get enough saturday either.

Sat activity: nothing…….Sat Food: coffee (35), greek yogurt (100) with honey (30), leftover sushi (200). dinner was smoked pork tenderloin (200) and some roasted veggies (no potatoes) (90) with olive oil (60). Sat Total: 715

Sunday i did finally get up to 1200 calories. And it was a day of making good choices. Before going to see Iron Man, i put in a frozen pizza for the girls. Now, pizza is a real weakness for me and i always buy those freschetta brick oven frozen pizzas, they are delish! Anyway, i decided to break my “no refined carbs” rule a little and have just a bit of it. And i managed to do just that! I didn’t feel like devouring the whole thing, in fact i only ate 1/2 a serving! So then we go to the movie and i brought along a serving of sunflower seeds which i saved until near the end of the movie. Then later, my girls and i even went out to the Chinese buffet at dinner time, and i only had one plate of food! And i tried to choose the unfried stuff. Quite an accomplishment for me. A day full of tests and i managed to pass them all.

Sunday Activity: not much. Sunday Food: coffee (15), greek yogurt (100) and honey (30), macadamia nuts (210). frozen pizza (205). Sunflower kernels (180). The chinese food is estimated & all very small portions: black pepper chicken (150), broccoli (50), mushroom chicken (120), shrimp stir fry (150), a single crab rangoon puff (70).  Sunday Total: 1280

Monday so far…. I worked all day and have more class stuff to do tonight. I was offered food at school and i think i made a smart choice with ham and grapes. The bread looked so good! But its ok, next week i will start adding bread and other big carbs like potatoes and pasta back into my diet. I’ve always only eaten wheat breads and pastas, just too much of them.

Activity: not much

Food: coffee (15), greek yogurt (100) and honey (30), macadamia nuts (210). ham (200), grapes (35). Not finished yet! I’ll be back later chickies!

Finishing up the day’s food: dinner was late so first i had some peanuts (160) and then for dinner i had a lean ribeye steak (265) and some asparagus (15) and broccoli (15) with a bit of butter (25) off the grill. I’m still hungry so i’m going to have a greek yogurt (100) with honey (30).  Final count:1200

I’ve been hanging out with my girls watching X-Men tonight. Its been lovely but now i’m going to have to stay up half the night to finish prepping for my class tomorrow, it’s their final exam.

Goodnight everyone. And i do so appreciate all the support from my 3FC friends! 😀

3 Responses to "Busy, busy, busy…and still more to do."

1 | feisty

May 11th, 2010 at 12:58 am


Thanks for the great comments, Billie! Love your blog–how about you keep showing me all the great diet tricks, and I’ll encourage you on the exercise front. There’s no one who hates exercise more than I do, so I hear you! But in all the busy, busy, buys, I’m betting you can make some time for your own activity! I’ll be sure to follow my own advice, too, and chow down on some serious vegetables tomorrow…take care and good luck! Feisty

2 | round

May 11th, 2010 at 2:06 pm


wow, indeed you had a few very light calorie days. I’m sure that a few from time to time are okay, if you don’t make a habit of it.

You have a lot of self control — who on earth eats half a serving of pizza????

3 | round

May 12th, 2010 at 1:00 pm


Hmmm – I don’t know if you turned off comments on today’s post on purpose or by accident. But I’m persistent so I found another open post because…

I really wanted to congratulate you for the 8!!!! pound start, wow!

And to let you know I’d love it if you blogged about those exercises – sounds like something we could all learn from!

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