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03 May, 2010

i huffed and puffed my way thru a little workout

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It was rough.

I almost didn’t even make the time for it. I got home at 2:15 and had 40 minutes before picking up the girls. Usually i would of just laid up on the couch or my bed, but somehow i mustered up the will to do it. I think i only went thru with it because i kept chanting to myself the whole drive home that i was going to exercise when i got home.

So, i went with my old faithful “Crunch: fat burning pilates.” I still have it on VHS. It’s my go-to video whenever i first start an exercise program after having been lazy for a long time. The video does 25 minutes of cardio at a pace that is tough on a newbie, but the intensity seems to change up at just the moment when i think i can’t make it another minute, so that it is doable for me.

I had to stop at the half way point to down 1/2 bottle of water and catch my breath, then i went thru the rest of the video like a zombie. I didn’t get to the 15 minute matwork portion, maybe next time.

And let me tell ya, i’m plumb wore out now. I really want to take a nap.

The old man will be home shortly, wanting some supper. I have grilled porkchops with mushrooms planned. I was so excited to see the strawberry sign was up at the farm i drive by on the way home everyday. I’ve been looking for it for a couple weeks. So i picked up a big flat of fresh-picked strawberries and a bit of asparagus.

My whole family love love loves fresh strawberries. I put in an order for another flat on Thursday. We usually don’t even cook or prepare them at all, we love them fresh. Philip said he is wanting some freezer jam this year tho, so i may do that this weekend.

I’ll be back later to calculate calories for the day.

Love ya chickies!

—-It’s later. Time to tabulate.—-

Activity: 25 minutes of cardio

Food: ff greek yogurt (100) with 1/2 T honey (30), macadamia nuts (210). 2 cups coffee (5) with splenda and ff half n half (20). Diet coke, peanuts (160). grilled chicken (125), ff greek yogurt (100) with 1/2 T honey (30). grilled pork chop (200), mushrooms (20) with butter (25) and broccoli (20). Strawberries (45) with splenda.

Total calories: 1090

Notes: I always weigh out my portions. i keep track of all foods throughout the day on a phone app. I’m avoiding refined carbs for now. I’m doing a fair job of keeping to my weekly meal chart. I’m taking a small baggie of nuts with me when i go to work for the hour ride home (cause its a danger zone). I’m surprisingly happy that i have been able to accomplish the “eat larger meals early & make meals smaller further into the day” rule…i’ve never been able to do that before.

Also of note: Today i began a little journal for doing mental exercises as part of Janice Taylor’s e-coaching weight loss program.

Tomorrow’s agenda:

  • weigh in, take measurements
  • go to work
  • squeeze in a workout before dinner

2 Responses to "i huffed and puffed my way thru a little workout"

1 | kiki

May 3rd, 2010 at 8:04 pm


Every workout counts! HOORAY!!!!

2 | onephatchick

May 3rd, 2010 at 10:06 pm


I’m so impressed with your willpower!! GOOD JOB for not just sitting on the couch! Change happens one small step at a time, so just keep at it! Of course, I know it’s easier said than done because most days I’m still fighting with myself to get off the couch. Thanks for posting about your experience, it’s so encouraging!

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