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29 Apr, 2010

I’ll start my diet tomorrow…

Posted by: billie In: brain vs body

That’s a cliche that has certainly always applied to me. Actually i plan on starting on Sunday. I am however making plans, trying to get into the right mindset. I charted up a 2 week menu and a small exercise regiment. I wrote up a grocery list. I signed up for Janice Taylor’s 21 day e-coaching program. (I like her sense of humor and her style might be perfect for self-sabotagers like me.) I’ve got a few books picked out to read at night for encouragement and guidance.

Truthfully, i know how to lose weight. I’m good at counting calories. I understand that i need to move more and eat less. My problem is in my head. I’m a mental mess. I’ve got a hole i can’t fill with any number of Hershey’s bars. Ironically, my problem might be that i have a whole i can’t feel.

In an effort to get back into the habit, i am going to start recording my food and activity now, tabulating calories every night. Its not going to be pretty…

Activity: I laid up in bed all morning, slept till about 10, but didnt feel like getting up. So i cracked my front door so my dog could get in and out as she pleased, then crawled back under my bed covers enjoying having the whole bed to myself. I couldnt sleep tho, so i turned on the tv, and checked my email on my blackberry, wrote my dad. At noon i fixed myself a bite then i put in a movie and stayed in my bed to watch it. I didnt officially get up out of my bed until 3:30pm. Then i got ready for work and went in to teach my night class 6-9pm. I ate on the drive to class. I picked up fast food on the way home for the family, who hadnt really eaten tonight. We ate, watched a bit of tv, then i laid up on the couch checking & writing email & facebook posts till after midnight. I’m back in my bed now, decided to blog on my laptop before sleeping all day tomorrow (a rare Thursday off work).

Food: No coffee today, because i just wanted to wallow in a slow moving haze all day. At noon i made myself 2 grilled cheeses, each with 2 slices of cheese and i had a diet coke. Then i had a Hershey bar in my bed. On the way to work i went thru the DQ drive-thru and got an order of popcorn shrimp with onion rings and a diet coke. The fast food late night dinner was KFC, 2 crispy thighs, a few potato wedges, a few bites of mashed potatoes and a biscuit. I had a Hershey bar with almonds and then i drank a lot more diet coke all evening.

That’s just horrid… calorie count: 70+90+30+70+90+30, 210, 370+360, 340+340+60+30+180, 210 …… 1320 after the DQ, then 1160 when i got home from work…. total calorie count for today = 2480

I admit that i was certainly thinking, I’ll have this now because i won’t get it next week. But, that’s the story of my fat life, i’m always telling myself that.

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1 | hveeck

April 30th, 2010 at 11:25 pm


I love how honest you are with yourself. I also always tell myself “Im just going to eat what I want right now, because I am starting tomorrow” oh how we kid ourselves ;P

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