Fat as Mud

29 Apr, 2010

Fat as Mud

Posted by: billie In: blogging helps

That’s what i’m thinking for a new blog title. That was the name of my recent art exhibit (long story). I’m gonna sit on it for a few days and see if i still like it.

Evening update:

More laziness from me for the day. Pretty much the only thing I’m doing right is coming here to blog and read blogs regularly. And I’m thinking about making changes, thinking about it a lot because I know I need to get into obsession mode to get a good start on this thing.

Today’s struggle:

Not much activity. Slept till 11, hung out in bed with my blackberry till noon. Got up and made some coffee and then decided to do a bit of online research on what kind of puppy to get for my lovely daughter this summer. (shh… it’s a surprise!) Did some online stuff for my class. Me and the internet are best buds!

When I went to pick up Hannah after her piano lesson at 3:30 I realized I had locked my keys in my car. So, I called her and told her to start walking towards the house, I’d meet her halfway. That took about 2 minutes. Then I was hungry (finally) and I felt a binge coming on, so I grabbed a couple little pudding cups and went back to the internet, but this time to my 3FC blog, which saved me.

After dinner, the old man and I ran out to the college as planned, where my only activity was loading the kiln. On the way home, we stopped for gas and he came out with an ice cream bar for me even tho when he asked I had said not to get me one! So of course I ate it. But, when he gave it to me I was like, “How many calories are in this huge thing, anyway?” And he said, “Back to counting, are ya?” So, I informed him that I’m just warming up, my real diet starts on Sunday. And that I’ve got meals planned for us with no bread, rice or potatoes for a couple weeks. (trying to break my carve cravings) He’s just glad to have me planning meals. Poor guy would starve without a wife. It’s hard on a redneck when his wife has a life outside the home.

So, now I’m laid up in my bed again (my sanctuary). I watched Survivor and then Hannah came down and watched a disk of Xfiles with me. I drank a diet coke, download a few itunes for her and we split a large warm delight while we watched Mulder and Scully.

Activity: basically nothing

Food: 4 cups of coffee (15×4), a tapioca cup (70) and a mousse cup (60), a philly cheesesteak sandwich (300 + 10 + 40 + 75 + 210 + 10), a snickers ice cream bar (300), ½ of a large warm delight (180). Total calorie count so far today = 1315 … how did I manage that?

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1 | kissesfromkiki

April 30th, 2010 at 2:01 am


I’m right there with you. Tonight EDO informed me he was going to the store for Coke and asked if I wanted him to get me a candy bar. From his reaction I must have looked at him like he was a 3 headed being. Bananas and 1% milk were my treats tonight.
As far as the carp curbing it’s a good idea, just don’t go too far. Once slice of bread or a small roll with a meal is good, 2 is too much. Always go whole grain or wheat and replace bread or a roll with a cup or rice or a medium size white potato.
You’re so strong…even if you don’t know it yet!!!

I’m pulling for you!!

2 | billie

April 30th, 2010 at 2:14 am


Oh, i know all about the dangers of carb cutting completely… i went full-atkins once for a few weeks, i lost several pounds but then one day i couldnt take anymore …panara bread called to me, i think i gained like 10 pounds immediately.
So, i’m just cutting the biggies for a bit so i can break my sweet tooth, then i plan to ease them back in.
And thanks so much for the support!

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