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27 Apr, 2010

1 year gone by…. will i come back and be a 3FC blogger again?

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That’s right… its been exactly one year since i have even been to this blogsite. Today someone read my blog and posted a lovely comment on post #41, thanks so much Dyncchiggic.

I’m the type that always needs a little push.

So… in the past year since i quit paying attention to all things 3FC what have i been up to? …

Getting fatter, mostly. According to my tracking ticker, i’ve gained 17 1/2 pounds in the last year. And its all fat too, in fact i’ve probably lost muscle and replaced it with fat. I’m so awkwardly out of shape now. I’m basically a blob. I have been planning to make a move and do something, anything. But i always just let the rest of my life get in the way. I take any excuse to do nothing. I let any little issue send me to the fridge or the cabinet or the drive-thru. I really do need to get ahold of myself.

I’ve never weighed over 200 before, and its kind of scary. I worry that i may get to a point where i may not be able to turn back.

Other than the weight, how is life for me?

Its ok i guess.

I’m still with the grouchy redneck husband. I love him on some days and hate him on others.

Our daughter is growing up beautifully, she’s in high school now and still the best thing that has ever happened to us, a real sweetheart.

My niece has been living with us part time, I love that child like my own. She’s a little mini-billie.

My sis is still pretty much a mess. She did finally get a job after a year without income, but now she works too many hours and most of them over night. The power in her house has been disconnected for a few weeks.

My art career is moving along, i think. I have finished my BFA and am teaching art part time at a community college. I just exhibited in a prestigious show at my University. My current work is all about my weight-gain. I’ll post some pics on here if people are interested. My artist statement in my recent exhibit was a heart-wrencher. I actually saw people reading it and covering their mouths, expressing a lot of emotion on their faces. It may have been the best part of my exhibit: it was about how i struggled with weight as a little girl with a mom who weighed about 90 lbs and a granny who weighed about 300, and then i got control as a young adult, but then when i started college weight just piled on me again because i am such a hyper-focuser that i could only concentrate on classes.

I have another art show planned for September, i have plans to add several pieces to the body of work i just exhibited.

Well, i guess that’ll do for today. I’ve got tons of grading to do tonight and a final exam to write up.

I wonder if i’ll come back here tomorrow?…

I wonder if my old 3FC friends are still blogging?…

2 Responses to "1 year gone by…. will i come back and be a 3FC blogger again?"

1 | hveeck

April 30th, 2010 at 11:21 pm


aawww, good post. Im glad to hear about your career going well. I am right there with you about you and your hubby. sometimes I really feel that I hate my dh, other times I really feel I love him and could not live without him… what a conundrum 😉

2 | billie

April 30th, 2010 at 11:55 pm


We’ll be ok Heidi.
It does make things hard when husbands become “iffy” but you and i both know that we need to put the kids 1st.
We just have to learn to put ourselves 2nd. (Not making ourselves a priority is why we’ve gained weight.)
In my case, 3rd place is a toss up between career and marriage, thus the conundrum.

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