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25 Jan, 2009

a lazy sunday

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I want to start off by saying how much i appreciate all the chickies who support me with comments on my blog. I really appreciate everyone’s encouragement and suggestions. I also appreciate reading all your blogs. It so helpful to read about other people’s weight loss stories. In light of that (or maybe despite it) […]

This has to be my last day off plan. I am self-sabotaging in the other direction. Now that i am focusing on my course work i am letting my diet go. Topsy-turvey! I so need psychotherapy. I just can’t figure out why i can only focus on one thing at a time. I have seriously […]

23 Jan, 2009

school work, school work, school work

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I have been working all day except a little break now. I need to a bit more before i quit for the night. I am here to log calories and not much else. So far: fiber1 cereal (160), skim milk (60), for lunch i had 3 grilled cheeses! that’s 3 slices of 2% american cheese […]

22 Jan, 2009

another snack attack

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Uggh! I guess i am going to have to go back to focusing on protein. When i was doing that i had no trouble with eating off plan at all. My second class was canceled today, so i came home early thinking i will work in my garage all weekend and try to make some […]

21 Jan, 2009

belly ache X 2

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Well, i’m here to report that i just caved in. For some reason i just needed to binge a little today. I wanted creamy foods and a lot of them. So, i want to add up my calories and see if there is any salvaging today. Fiber1 cereal (160), skim milk (60), homemade tortilla pizza […]

20 Jan, 2009

dog update & calorie counting

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My little dog was just fine this morning. She slept thru the night and was snuggled up to me like normal this morning. We checked in on her a lot today and she has been good all day. She acts like nothing ever happened. I am craving some ambrosia so i need to count up […]

She was due for her annual checkup and shots, but she also had a weird lump i needed checked out. The lump was no big deal, he said use hydrocortizone on it. But… this evening she has had a reaction to one the shots. Swelling of her face, her ears & around her eyes, even […]

18 Jan, 2009

i avoided my homework by finishing my book

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Yup, another day of self-sabotage. I am doing great on my diet and exercise, so of course i have to sabotage some other part of my life, school. This not good. It’s my last semester and i have so much work to do. I really should be in psychotherapy. I did enjoy laying up and […]

17 Jan, 2009

lots of eating today

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Today was one of those days where i seemed to be eating all day. I kept track tho, and i did pretty well on calories. I just made sure to eat small amounts each time. The kids were eating my pizza that i saved when i got up this morning, so that was out, i […]

16 Jan, 2009

I did it!

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I actually got pizza tonight for dinner and i only ate 2 slices!!!! I am quite proud of myself. I told my family how hard it was to do and they said they were proud of me. When i finished i just got up from the table and cleaned up my part of the table. […]

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