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27 Nov, 2008

low fat chocolate cheesecake recipe

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I have been making this for years, it is a winner. Simple and easy.  Even my husband loves it, it’s like he doesn’t notice it’s low fat/low cal. It comes in under 300 calories a serving. Ingredients: chocolate wafer cookies (i use chocolate animal crackers) 1 bar (8 oz) reduced fat or fat free cream […]

27 Nov, 2008

i’ve got a new attitude

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I’m taking it easy on myself for the next couple days. So what if i haven’t exercised. So what if i haven’t touched my school projects. It’s okay if i drink wine tonight and tomorrow. It’s okay if i go over my calorie budget. I can easily get right back on plan on friday and […]

25 Nov, 2008

doing better … so far

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I forgot to weigh myself this morning. I think i am subconsciously avoiding it. I’m just so bummed that after i was down 10 lbs, i had to sabotage myself. Bummed but not surprised. I’m sitting here making my list of stuff to cook for thanksgiving. It is so hard to not get carried away […]

25 Nov, 2008

Uggh! didn’t do too good today

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I’m still struggling to get back on track. I barely paid attention to what i ate today. I spent some time getting my house cleaned up.  After 15 weeks of school it was getting pretty cluttered. That’s no excuse or anything, i just didn’t take time to take care of myself.  I didn’t even really […]

I don’t even know where to begin… I went to St Louis with a couple of girls for the weekend. I did fine at first, but then i just let myself go. Friday night was pizza, wine, dark chocolate. The next day it was gravy and biscuits for breakfast, a steak & cheese melt with […]

19 Nov, 2008


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Sorry about the crazy long post yesterday. I guess i just needed to get that stuff off my chest. I was excited to see i’d lost another 2 pounds this morning, so i can’t figure out why i would overeat today. It’s one of those self-sabotaging things i do. After i took my daughter to […]

18 Nov, 2008

complications at school…

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What a downer today was. I am so glad to be home.  I don’t even really have any homework to be doing. My only plan is to do my workout.  I think i may even drink some wine if i have enough room in my calorie budget. So, to recap my crappy day… First of […]

17 Nov, 2008

i’m home, so of course i slept late

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It seems like every time i stay home, i can’t get myself up out of the bed. I need to finish my glass project today. I have a busy week ahead of me: long day at school tomorrow, a short day on wednesday, but then i’m taking my girl for her dental checkup. Then thursday […]

16 Nov, 2008

glazing, glazing, glazing

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I’m so ready for this semester to be over. I went in to school first thing this morning and made glazes and glazed my 2 current sculptures.  I put them in the kiln before i left at 4:30pm. I have a critique this week or i would have never went in on a sunday. Got […]

Uggh! I slept til noon today, about 11 hours. It may sound like i am making up for so little sleep this week, but it didn’t seem like a very comfortable rest and it threw my whole schedule off.  I had planned on going in to school this morn to make glazes and prep my […]

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