I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.



My typical Tuesday morning meeting was cancelled, so I hit a morning yoga class instead. Loving the new studio: high ceilings, old wood floors, plenty of natural light, and chandeliers. There was a lot of worry over parking since it’s in a downtown area, but metro Detroiters get that way about their cars…no one’s much into walking for practical purposes ’round here.

Then I pretty much blew off the rest of the day. It was 4 degrees (less with the wind chill) and after yoga and grocery shopping for dinner, I didn’t feel like fighting the wind on the long walk from the parking lot to my building. So I stuck around the house, did a little work and some light emailing, but I’ll pay for this tomorrow when I have to play catch up.

Watched last night’s episode of “Biggest Loser” tonight and got inspired to put on my running shoes again. Nothing big. I promised myself a mile walk/run. Walked–1 min, ran–5 mins, walked–5 mins, ran–5 mins, walked–30 seconds, ran–1 min. A little more than a mile when all was said and done, and I’m sort of proud of that. My chest was on fire, and I was sure I’d have a heart attack, but I didn’t, so we’ll give it a try tomorrow night after yoga.

Food today wasn’t great:

  • Morning: orange and carrot juice (about 6 oz), coffee with half and half
  • Lunch: two eggs, American cheese, English muffiin, 1 tbs butter
  • Dinner: red curry veggies over brown rice
  • Snacks: beer (10 oz), 32 Ghiradeli chocolate chips, chai tea with palm sugar (about 50 calories total)

Tomorrow’s challenge (aside from the cold) will be breakfast with a job candidate at one of my favorite breakfast joints. I usually get the eggs Benedict with tomato instead of meat. Tomorrow I’m thinking big glass of tomato juice and oatmeal. It’s surprisingly fun to have oatmeal at a restaurant, especially if they have lovely dried fruit to put on it. Calorie-wise it’ll probably be a wash, but it’s more about making a smart, healthy choice instead of doing my usual thing.

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On January 22, 2013
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A Loss!

2 pounds since my last weigh-in…a couple of weeks ago. Okay, not lightening fast loss, but I’ll take it and whatever other losses I can generate.

Last two days I’ve taken 1-hour walks on the trail. No yoga…my studio is moving and today is the first day in the new place. I’m excited to see it, especially since they’ve been packing people into their classes, over-crowding the classes like crazy. Not. Very. Zen.

My goal is 100 hours of yoga before summer. I’m at 24 now. My other goals are a 20 pound loss since my last visit to the doctor, lowered cholesterol and triglycerides, and a BMI closer to the overweight numbers.

Two pounds ain’t much, especially since I see my doctor in March. But it’s a start!

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On January 20, 2013
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Finally, some consistency!

I’ve been taking yoga 3-4 times a week since early October and LOVE IT! Still a vegetarian and playing with being a vegan on some days. Walking. And juicing 1-2 meals a day.

Am I a lot lighter than I was my last post in July? Nope. But the weight is coming off, I feel stronger, and this is now a journey I’m on rather than a trip I’m dreading.

I’ll update the ticker to the right as I lose. I see the doctor on March 8th, so I’d like to be at a preliminary target weight by then…12 pounds to that first target.

I’ve also set up some rewards for each 10 pound loss so that rather than watch those pounds go and come back, I’ll celebrate their going in some formal way.

What are you doing to reward yourself?

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On January 16, 2013
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Consistency: not so much…

Yeah, I’ve sort of fallen away from 3FC blogging these days, but the diet is, of course, an ongoing struggle. How nice it would be to put this fat suit behind me and get on with a healthy and skinny life.

Okay, emphasis on healthy. Watch these two movies…truly wonderful: Forks over Knives and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Both are free on Hulu or available streaming on Netflix.

I’m juicing now, and also have gone back to being a vegetarian after a 7-year hiatus. The high-cholesterol scare this winter made me shift to more meatless meals, and once I saw the science behind it, it was easy to go back. Of course, Forks over Knives advocates Whole Foods (vegan), but that’s a battle for another day.

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On July 7, 2012
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Free Yoga at the Temple? Yes Please!

This workout kicked my butt, and I had no idea until about 5 hours later.

I can’t even explain it. The poses weren’t tough and there were plenty of relaxation poses throughout. The sequence wasn’t tough (one of the easiest sun salutations I’ve done, in fact). It was longer than what I’m used to, but it didn’t feel that much longer. But I just could barely move that afternoon.

Loved it, really! Can’t wait to go back.

So I’m going to hit the basic yoga class tomorrow night and Wednesday night (work permitting), and see if I want to move up to a more rigorous class at the studio after that, but the Sunday morning yoga at the temple is a new permanent thing. I can’t imagine ever getting bored with something that beat me up so very badly.

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On February 27, 2012
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And I go out in public like that….

That’s what I thought this morning as I left the house in my yoga sweats. But what the hell, I did it.

And I think the Basic Yoga class may not be challenging enough, so I’m thinking about doing the intro yoga at the temple tomorrow morning (it’s a 1 1/2 hour long class) and then seeing if I can possibly make it to a yoga mix class at the groupon studio (although all of these more advanced classes seem to conflict with my work schedule). Blerg.

Anyway, I called the instructor for the class at the temple, which I’m really excited about, and they are open to the public, so if I can drag myself out of bed at 7am tomorrow, I’m there.I’ve been wanting to check out this temple for a long time anyway, but I never got up the nerve to go. Maybe doing a little yoga there once a week will help me get over my fear of the unknown…by making it less unknown, so, not really getting over it, I guess. Anywho…

Today’s tally of food and exercise is

Breakfast: small banana and coffee with half and half

Lunch: will be a healthy choice option

Dinner: out with friends, Mediterranean cuisine, so probably falafel, hummus, and pita

Exercise: 1 hour yoga (so about 50 mins of actual stretching); longest walk from car to the office (about 3/4 mile).

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On February 25, 2012
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Did it!

I got myself to the class and got myself through it.

I was so worried they’d do a balancing pose I couldn’t handle or some other move that would make me look the fool, but I did pretty good with no surprises. In fact, I was more flexible and balanced than a majority of the class, which made me feel great. Okay, so yoga’s non-competitive, but my first time back in a class and I was happy to see I wasn’t the worst person there.

Ate too much yesterday, but hubby and I parked in the farthest spot from our building (about 3/4 mile away) and took two walks last night, so I think things balanced out. And I finally had a salad with dinner, a habit I’ve regretted getting out of a couple of months ago.

Tonight as soon as my work’s done I’ll do some yoga in the basement, and then I’m hitting another class tomorrow morning. Sunday morning if I get up early enough and am brave enough, I may attend the free beginner’s yoga class offered at our local Buddhist temple. Free yoga beats groupon yoga, I think. If not, there’s another 10am yoga class I can go to.

Food today is off to a bad start:

Breakfast: pumpernickle bagel with butter

Lunch: raisin bran with banana

Dinner: while wheat and sweet potato gnocci with asparagus, broccoli, and onions.

Snack: 1/2 apple with 1 oz bleu cheese

Exercise: only a 30-min walk with hubby

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On February 24, 2012
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First “real” yoga class tonight…

And I’m writing this so I don’t chicken out.

I’ve been doing yoga at home since my last post almost a month ago, and wanting to join a class. But they’re so damn expensive! Anywhere from $12-17 per class! They’re a lot cheaper at the rec center at school, but before I pack my giant butt into yoga pants and try out a bunch of balancing poses in front of my students, I figured I’d do a test run somewhere far from campus.

So…Groupon (not a paid endorsement) to the rescue. I picked up a 10-class groupon for $25, and I’m trying out a Basic Yoga class tonight and some slow vinyasa classes over the weekend. Most of the yoga studios in the area offer a first week free package, so I might do a few of those when the 10 classes coupon runs out. In fact, if I play my cards right, I could be in good yoga shape before I ever have to set foot in an on-campus yoga class.

Bought a new pedometer as well, and I’m hoping to log in 10,000 steps a day by parking far from my office and taking nightly walks with hubby. So far my nutrition and exercise have improved, but no movement on the scale. I’d like to be about 10pds lighter for my next doctor’s visit in two months…something that will undoubtedly improve my cholesterol and my mood. 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m on winter break this week and just back from visiting my sister’s family for her birthday. Mom and brother were there as well, and while we scheduled a few walks in there, none were long enough to counteract all the food we ate.

So today before yoga I’m getting the week’s healthy menu together, shopping and cleaning the house, and taking a nice walk with the dog.

I’ve been recording my food/exercise using an app, but maybe I’ll do it here instead and really be accountable.


Breakfast: 10 almonds, 6 cheezits, half and half in my coffee

Lunch: Michigan cherry chix salad on 1/2 whole wheat pita, 20 veggie straws (love these)

Dinner (post yoga): lean cuisine lunch/butternut squash ravioli…1/4 cup asparagus

Snacks: 1 sushi slice at the market, 1/2 cup orange/carrot juice in 12 oz water, (pre-yoga snacks: 1/2 large banana, 1/2 small apple, 2 tbs peanut butter), clementine

Exercise: 30 min. walk, 1 hr basic yoga!

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On February 22, 2012
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Let’s get honest…

183 pds, and I’m 5″

I’ve gained and lost the same damn 20 pounds for 3 years now.

Kidding myself about my weight…fine, whatever.

Killing myself with my weight…NOT OKAY!

Hubby got us a new doctor who is pretty proactive. Not medication wise, it’s just a different attitude about health that I think I like.

So…history of heart disease and high cholesterol in my family and she’s got me on 3000 mgs of fish oil (put it in the freezer and the whole belching up fish oil all day side effect disappears…new doctor’s idea).

Low cholesterol diet and much, much more exercise. I’ve got three months to improve the following numbers:

total cholesterol: 243 (should be under 199)

triglycerides: 131 (I’m okay, but would like to be even lower…recommended is less than 149)

LDL (the bad stuff): 153 (should be below 129)

HDL (the good stuff): 64 (I’m okay here…should be more than 40).

So…three months of veggies and fruit and oat meal and walking and yoga…progress on the scale and progress in the blood.

Here goes everything!

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On January 27, 2012
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Fast Five…pretty easy, but effective?

The Fast Five site says to wait 3 weeks to start seeing results, mostly because people take the “eat whatever you want between 5-10” as an invitation to eat as much as they want during that time. I’m guilty of a little of that, and hubby and I have had pizza twice in the last 20 days, but for the most part we have a nice dinner around 5:30 (I know, so early) and then around 9:30 I have a piece of toast with peanut butter or a small bowl of cereal.

Yesterday I was a little crazed at 4:30 after spending most of Saturday in the office and heading right from there to Costco to stock up on stupid supplies, so I had a McD’s cheese burger on the way. 300 calories and 1/3 of the daily salt limit. WOW! But then when we got home I had only a small bowl of pasta and chicken (about 1 1/2 cups) and later a slice of toast with peanut butter and that was it for the night/day.

I came in around 1000 calories, so there’s where the fasting for 19 hours works.

We’ll see on Thursday if I’m losing at this point, and I suspect I will be. And I suspect that, yes, I can lose a pound a week (easily and without feeling at all deprived) doing this.

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On October 30, 2011
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