I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Okey Dokey, here comes pokey…

Yes, I’m still “slow and steady finishes the race.”

Did Week 1, Day 3 for a second time on Monday. Just to make sure I wasn’t rushing into anything. 🙂

So tonight I do Week 2, Day 1 with some 90 second runs. If it’s too much, I’ll run at 4.0, but I’d like to try to keep things at 4.5 as much as possible as I train.

And the vegan thing’s a keeper. Back in the day it must’ve been impossible, but these days there’s so many dairy-free substitutes and the internet is just packed with wonderful recipes and good advice on eating out and such. So it’s a no-brainer.

I’m eating mostly whole foods, but I’ve got a soy creamer for the morning coffee, and tonight I picked up two pints of dairy-free ice “cream.” Excellent tasting, but full of sugar at 170 calories for 1/2 cup. Since the rest of my daily calories are so low anyway, this seems like an indulgence I can afford to make from time to time. Actually, I’ve always had a take-it-or-leave-it attitude towards ice cream, but I wanted hubby to see that he wouldn’t be missing much as a vegan. Who am I kidding? He’ll never be a vegan.

Anyway, we can deal with a vegan/non-vegan lifestyle, I think.

Down 1.4 pounds for the week. Hooray! Losses are so few and far between that this one had me jumping for joy.

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By bigprof
On February 13, 2013
At 6:27 pm
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tiny2b Says:

I went vegan for a month to prove that I could. And lost weight. But when the month was over, I jumped right back into my crap eating habits and buh-bye weight loss. Good for you for making it a lifestyle. I was doing it as more of a “dare.” Right now my eating is so “dirty” I am trying to wean myself off of a 90% processed shit diet back to whole foods. Baby steps, but we just keep on keeping on.


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